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You will find every piece of English you need for your discipline. Search boots, bridles, saddles, holsters and more. Tack & Riding Supplies. Schneiders offers a huge range of world-class saddles, saddle pads, bits, training equipment, reins, reins, riding accessories, English spurs and straps, dressage and more. British harnesses from top brands for dressage, hunting, jumping, eventing or leisure riding.

German Tack and Horse Tack for sales

"Tack " is a word that relates to all the gear used on a horse while it is riding or being managed, as well as saddle, straps, stirrups, stirrups, toe straps, harnesses, straps and more. We have a range of top-of-the-range horse tacks at all prices, from the cheapest to the highest value products, and they are suitable for both training and demonstration.

Hunters, show jumpers, show jumpers, show jumpers, dressage or just recreational horsemen - here you will find everything you need to get into the ring or on the slopes. Except for metals or composites for horses and crampons, most turning points are made of leathers. Whether saddles, belts, holsters or harnesses, a lot of horsemen appreciate them for their beautifulness, colour, texture and delicate mesh details.

The promise of leathers is great but only with proper maintenance with periodic cleansing and maintenance with pH-compatible upholstery. The Leathertack is available for every budget, but is usually more costly than most synthetics. Some drivers appreciate the use of artificial tacks because they are frugal, long-lasting, particularly low-maintenance and easier than those made of genuine leathers.

The plastic saddles are almost weather-proof, scratch-resistant and can be washed using detergent and waterproof. It is easy to spray down a plastic belt and hang it up to hang it out for drying. However, some high-quality synthetical tacks are equally cheap and just as appealing as their counterparts made of hide. As an example, a high-quality wetsuit belt made in Germany has a neat, competitive look and offers extraordinary wearing comforts for the horse who prefers it.

A lot of protecting horse-boots are made solely of artificial material, which offers excellent shock-absorbing, ventilating and comfort cover. No matter what kind of English equipment you own, you must decide on the right horse-sized. Basically semitrailers are available according to seating height (for the rider) and width of the saddel boom (for the horse).

The seating dimensions are inches with an increment of half an inches for each one. One general seating sizes for a kid is 15" or 15½"; adults run from 16½ " for a small driver to 18" for a larger adult. Key turning for a show jumper and key length for a training caliper can also be determinants of the horse riding caliper height.

The width s of the trees ranges from small to normal to especially large to adjust the form and width of the horse's shoulder, back and shoulder. Form, length and length of the plate can also be determinants of the size of a horse's backgauge. The most other tacks, with few exception, are available in the following sizes: mini, bangs, pistons, horses (sometimes also fully mentioned), oversized and draught.

The precise sizes between horse builders vary, but usually, as the horse grows, the name of the horse is borrowed from the horse named craft. It is a robust, small horse with a large pony-like build and a hight of about 15 arms (which makes it stand out from the bangs category). Usually suitable for smaller horse races such as the Morgan and Arabian, but it can also be a good yoke for an individuals of a bigger horse race, but with small bone or a sophisticated skull.

Usually the flask is suitable for a horse with a weight of 750 to 900lbs. The horse or the full horse is usually suitable for normal, deboned ponies from about 15 years of age. Overexposure can be very suitable for 16 year old cats. However, it is possible that a short horse with a very large skull is well suitable for an oversized holster or heel.

An exception are straps and stirrups, which are dimensioned in inch or centimetrelength. Belts are available inches or centimetres that represent the length of the nosepiece, and some of them contain dimensions related to the length of the string's cheek or ring-spec.

Stirrups are available in inch sizes that represent the width of the stapes and are designed to release the driver's shoe width.

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