English Horses for Sale

British horses for sale

You will find horses for sale that are used to being ridden with an English saddle. English ridden horses are usually bigger and slimmer than western horses. The only thing that should be posted in this group are horses for sale or rental or'wanted ads' for horses. Sale Classifieds in Horses / Western / English / General. Currently there are no "Bid Sale Listings" listed in this category.

British horses for sale

Romey is a great, soft, huge was tonnes of great! It has the power to be a great ropehorse while..... Sell to Colorado!!!!!! The Harley is an absolute breathtaking ride! It' highly diverse, you can hunt cattle, staple it in English and meet the ring the next morning.

Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet! This is the best way to describe Jasper, he is one of the cutest and friendliest horses you will ever have. He is an expert show jumper and a fighter who..... Sell to Colorado!!!!!! The Milagro is one of our signatures and he is really astonishing!

He' s breathtakingly handsome with his spotted grey colour, he is the friendliest mare you will ever see, he has a first class family tree with Playgun at the top and..... Selling to California!!!! Sparkles has everything for her..... she is young, gifted, has an astonishing dispositions, and a first class family tree of Spark and Easy Jethines!

She' s an English and westerner. Beschreibung Galloway is a beautiful young colt, willing to go in every single way! I am very happy that he was able to do so. He was bred and grown up on our estate and was nicely slowly and not push. Sell them to Pennsylvania!!!!! Horses like Remi are rare. He' the ultimative way company and would become an unusual "first horse", independently of your rideability.

Sell to Colorado!!!!!! The GiGi is as nice as they come! It has an astonishing exterior, nice corridors and a lovely character. Beschreibung Kitty is the ideal trust-enhancer, novice pony, young show pony or first pony. She has no vice or nasty habit, she is a relaxed and - never in a rush to get anywhere.

And Kitty has the perfectly..... Sell to Colorado!!!!!! Descriptions This is a rare occasion. One of our long-time horses, Peking, is for sale to a recognized house. He' s been with us for six years and is one of the most astonishing horses we have ever had!

Sell them to Pennsylvania!!!!! Beschreibung Dandy is a handsome young horse who has his whole lifetime in front of him! He' s a cute, affectionate character and a fast, willing student who has been shown in W/T Horsemanship, Showmanship, Pleasure and Trail. He is a wonderful movers and will make an astonishing show..... Sell it to Oklahoma!!!!!

Descriptions This is a rare occasion. We' re selling our little boy, Lord Shiloh. One of the most astonishing horses we have ever owned, she was reared and reared on our ranch! Sell to Alabama!!!!! Beschreibung Chai is one of the most varied and sporty horses we have ever had, making him a vision for families with kids who want to try a multitude of different sports and do well in all!

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