English Leather Bridles for Sale

British leather bridles for sale

Leather bridle Horze Weston with lightning noseband and decorative headband. Fabricates finest handmade English leather bridles, reins. High quality products made from the best English leather here in Great Britain.

English-language leather bridles

It is the pre-loved icon, which has the shape of a balloon and the character pointing to it. The character pointing out of the middle is the romance heartsign. This is the pre-loved logogram brand, which shows a balloon icon and the character A with a loving hearts icon carved out of the middle.

Words'Preloved' are displayed under the brand name.

That means if one of our 9000+ products is out of stock in Sydney, we will deliver directly from our UK base to your home.

That means if one of our 9000+ products is out of stock in Sydney, we will deliver directly from our UK base to your home. Don't be worried, if your order doesn't make it free, our system will discounted the shipping costs for any further products you order.

While we endeavour to deliver the goods the same date they are ordered, this may take a little longer at peak times. We have over 9000 products in our range and not all of them are in our warehouse. This website does not hold or mirror the current inventory.

When your article is out of inventory and must be ordered from abroad, please allow 5-28 workdays. There is also a notice in heavy print at our cash desk to verify that the articles are in inventory before ordering by expedited delivery. Forwarding expenses are indicated at the cash, according to which products you order and where you reside in Australia.

Shipments are made either by Australia postal certified letter or by express carrier for large shipments such as saddle. If no one is at home to subscribe to the package, Australia Swiss will provide a postcard with a postal number where the package is located and from which postal deposit it will be collected.

Australian Post provides an overnight or 2 working days expedited courier if you are within its expedited services and have a default courier option. Normal lead time for each of the services can be found on Australia Post's website. Use the sizing table supplied to verify your real dimensions. Encouraging our clients to test themselves instead of just relying on the fact that they are 12 in height, as 12 can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Cancellation before the end of this deadline without specifying the desired date of dispatch will be credited as part of another shipment. Orders are shipped in accordance with the 14-28 days or longer and cannot be reversed.

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