English Leather Hunter Bridle

Leather hunter's bridle in English

You will appreciate the sturdy construction and traditional look of this Australian leather bridle English Hunt. These classically styled bridles are at ho. HUNTER BRIDLE Stirnband en cuir anglais Morris und Nolan. Hunter's heavy bridle noseband.

Bridle for traditional hunters |

Traditional Hunter bridle with a broad strap, with a width from 5/8 to 2 and a smooth or braided headband, again available in customized width. Handcrafted by our bridle maker from the best English leather. The majority of folks know that we saddle fits, but we also match our bridle and our experiences show that hardly any of the horses we encounter are of full-sized, for example we have recently put on a bridle for a beautiful Welsh Section D stallion whose bridle was a full sized headstall, Xtra Full headband, cow sized cheekpieces and a piston sized cheekskin.

When you want to order a bridle, we suggest that you take measurements of your horses so that we can assemble the bridle for you so that it will fit perfect, there is a page on our information page that shows you how to do this. Nosebands and headbands are also available in various sizes to caress your horses or ponies, so please let us have a picture so we can help you if you need help with your decision.

Many bridle parts are in our warehouse, but please note that it can take some considerable amount of effort to make a bridle. Of course you can call us anytime, or if you book a seat, we can mount your bridle holder while we are with you.

Snaffle Hunter Paris Classic Flat Pack

A stylish Paris trekking bridle for all equestrian sports. Constructed with Aussie leather for longevity, firmness and a classic look. It can be used for everyday horseback rides at home, on the fields or wherever you take your horseback rides. Constructed with Aussie leather for long life, power and a classic look.

Ends of hooks on bridle and suitable bridles. It is the ideal bridle for every kind of horse-job.

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