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The GIANT Independent Tack stores SOMMER GIVEAWAY & SALE! Have a look around below or browse in our menu above for our shop products. We offer a personalized one-on-one service so you can get it right the first time. Wellcome to Jump'N Time Tack!

We specialize in English riding clothes, equipment and accessories.

RIding Track & Riding Apparel Jump'N Time Tack|| English

Wellcome to Jump'N Time Tock! We specialise in English riding clothes, tack and accessories. Our kind and competent employees will help you to find the basis for your entry without having to spend a penny! Hopefully our seasoned personnel can help you get all the important things you need before you and your horses make their way to the next week-end of your life.

We' re looking forward to seeing you at our new Whitmore Lake, Michigan shop.

Clothing and Boots by Schneider Saddlery

Schneider has the widest range of high performing, fashionable riding clothes and shoes for riders of all age groups and experiences. Here you will find English clothing, westerns, men's and women's dressmaking shoes from Ariat, Ferrini, Noble Outfitters®, Saxon, Durango, Justin and Twisted X. We also have accessoires and jewellery for equestrian enthusiasts.

We offer a wide range of English classical clothes including hunting jackets, riding trousers and pantyhose, pants and pants, jackets, helmets, English mittens and belt, English caps, English children's clothes, handbags, suitcases and accessoires. Made by the world's best English garment makers, selected for their lasting qualities and flawless styles. Our range of top labels such as Noble Outfitters®, Cinch, Ariat, Rodeo King and Cowgirl Royalty comprises our range of westerns clothes for men and women, cowboys' caps, westerns and belt and buckle, children's westerns clothes, womenswear, womenswear, womens' jackets, womenswear, womens' jackets, womenswear, chaps and accessoires.

Our riding pores are fastened to high-quality leathers, both functionally and fashionably. Here you will find both English and West European spores for all events that are sufficiently stylish for the show ring and are also suitable for the day. Our shoe and shoe section includes ladies' and men's westerns shoes, stables and work shoes, hunting and hunting shoes, outdoor and outdoor shoes, leisure shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, outdoor shoes, socks and boots accessories such as boot care products and suitcases.

You will also find shoes and shoes for kids, in the same thrilling style and compromiseless aura. We offer a wide range of fashionable T-shirts, hoodie and nightwear as well as souvenir clothes from well-known seasons. A great gift for your horse lovers and family. Powerful sportsweaters, fleetjacket, and fuel tanks with specific coolant are just some of the items you'll find in our range of sportsweaters.

No matter whether you work in the barn, in education, at school or at a trade fair, we have state-of-the-art clothing so that you can feel well. There is also a large selection of coats, waistcoats, fleece clothing, caps, riding pantyhose, raincover and mittens for the cold.

Keep yourself comfy, cosy and safe for driving with these elegantly styled clothes.

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