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You will be used in all disciplines of English riding. We have developed our own English bridle collections with the lines Plymouth, Harwich and Wellfleet. Products in the Bridle (English Riding) category: LightRider English Bridle is the best bitless bridle with a traditional look. Hunting and show bridles. We have a large selection of synthetic horse bridles in the sizes Large Horse to Pony.

The LightRider English Bitless Bridle - LightRider Bitless Bridle

This is the most beautiful biteless bridles - looks like a classic tradional one. Perfect for shows, ponies, show jumpers, horses, hunters and riding associations. Multifunctional also for guiding, or the leaden ring and the connecting band can be taken off for the equestrian courses. 90 percent of the force is on the nostrils, and the horses chin straps can be loosened to eat, yawn, etc.

You can also use the bridles as a side pull by snapping the chin strap and nose strap ring together (recommended if your saddle does not yet have a chin strap). LightRider English brightle is equipped with an additional cheek strap that allows you to add something during competition or for the passage to biteless tack.

Refer to the size guide to see how you can test your horses. There are no bridles in this pack as you can either select from the range of LightRider bridles available here or you already have bridles that you can use. It is recommended that you use scissors retainer rings for simple conversion to the guide ring, which allows for basic work/leading/lunging, or purchase LightRider reigns with matching reining rings.

Use the FREE e-mail photoconsultation to verify the size and shape of your horses within the 30-day time limit (from the date of receipt). If you or your stallion are not satisfied, you can give back your LRB ( "as new" state - please use a wet cloth) within 30 working nights after delivery.

The LightRider Bridles are warranted against defects for 12 months. LOOVE this harness and my mare too. During a dental practice for my stallion I found out that he had 2 melanoma, 1 on each side of his jaw directly at the "teeth" of his orb. I' ve chosen the optional leathers and it's an appealing harness, also a good fitting!

The best thing about all my horses is that they ride in it like a sleep. The bridles I like and the qualitiy is simply astonishing and in my view very cheap. So does my mare! This LightRider English Bridge is really nice! I' m using this bridles for all my off-track thoroughbreds.

The possibility of riding them in a somewhat insignificant harness has greatly assisted them in their new career. Weighing was smooth and simple to move out of the packaging. These bridles are extremely flexible due to the additional ring under the jaw, as I can bind, guide and horseback riding without having to switch equipment.

This is a nice, smooth top of the range bridles. I love my horses and riding has never been so relaxing for both of us. I' m so lucky to be riding without teeth at last. Lightrider brightle is well made and styled, my mare is smoother and more reactive and I am so lucky to have steel out of her mouth. What a pleasure!

The best biteless bridle I've ever tried! I' ve been riding and coaching my filly without teeth for some years now. She began without a bit in a wire corset. We would work slowly until she realized that she didn't have to walk all the way, and I learnt the clues I gave her in the corset.

She sometimes got upset in her holster and it made her stay away from stress, wasn't always consequent and slipped around. But there didnt seem to be any good disclosure and she would get messed up. Looking for an alternative I found the Lightrider.

She was used to a cable holster and had her floor work downstairs, so it didn't take her much longer to adapt to it. This bridles I like, great color and very smooth skin. I' ve ordered another one for my other one. That' my second Lightrider brick, and what a nice one!

It' my mare likes it and so do I. It has a classic look with a nice, lightweight and pleasant feeling for horses and riders. For both of us it was smooth to adapt our riding styles (and riding) to this fence. It' loving and I never go back.

It was a good saddle that allowed my stallion to be less and happily ridde. But this has been the best one I have tried before. It didn't take the stallion any getting used to it.

The Lightrider English Leather bridles are made beautiful. Dafydd, who hated everything on his heads and came to us as a headshaker and tripody, even accepts the bridles, which proves that it has to be comfy. I' ve done some research on which bridles I should buy and I'm very happy with my selection because my guys came to them so well.

I still have my hopes that my horse will come to me after they have been carrying their bridles almost every day for a few months, so that they obviously have no bad associations with them. Beautiful and soft bridles. It is made of beautiful materials and looks good. Greater grip and more careful than cable holders and crosses under the bridles.

Notice from the shopkeeper: It is not necessary to loosen the nose band to remove the bridles so that the connecting band does not drop off. The best harness I have ridden for 50 years, from camp drafting to training, and I really enjoy it. I' m so happy with this harness! He' my favourite and my steed took it without any problems.

So much more we are enjoying our trekking rides! Myself and my mare are new to bridles without teeth. The difference in the feeling of stress took me and my stallion a few long time. Cynthia' s help and counsel has made us better at understanding it and we both dear.

I' d like my mare to continue her work. These bridles are well made, handsome - it looks in every respect like a normal English bridles (until you take a close look!) and was a epiphany. What a relieve to say good-bye to the bit bridles. Love the real thing and this is for my girlfriend who would never have tried it if she hadn't seen it on my saddle and how simple and soft it was for him, well done, thank you for improving the horses' life.

I' ve been thinking for a long while whether I should order it due to the cost of imports and shipping etc. and because my horse's exceptional size makes it hard for a normal chopped ropesackamore! I can only say to everyone out there who is reluctant that I am totally excited about this heel.

It is the lowest priced of English bridles and it is extremely smooth suede and fits perfectly due to its adjustable design. It' looking great and my horse has changed from being a chockamore to a seamless one. A newcomer to bite free riding, my mother finds it much simpler to use than the chockamore cable.

I' m also struck by the LightRider cable, it suits very well (Custom and Panelli didn't suit him as well as this!) and the color is beautiful (brown and golden zigzag) and doesn't leave any traces on his nostrils when pecking out. While we ride into the longer distances, I will come back without delay to order the ropes perseverance and the cowhide for my filly when she is time.

But I cant see any reasons to ever go back to riding with a bit and after a amount of research I think this is the best bitsless option out there. Totally great on my fourth pony, he definitely agreed and I would fully suggest it. I' ve had great results with the lightweight riding fringes and would suggest it for trained riders.

I' m also satisfied with the equipment and material used. So much did Kust want to thank me that I placed the order on Saturday evening and on Tuesday evening I received it in Adelaide and then left in the afternoons. I just want to tell you a brief bit about the English LightRider bridle I purchased last year.

I' ve been riding in bridles without teeth for the last 3 years and this was the most efficient one with a very simple jump. NICE BRIDLES AND VERY EFFICIENT! LightRider English is for my QH mare, who is very smooth. We' ve launched it in a holster and converted it into LightRider English.

At the moment we ride with the LR English for Team Penning, at home and trailer riding. I' ve bought the English biteless bridles from you at the Equus Inspiration. He' s taken it like a fantasy, he's so approachable, he's been walking around the play and now he's so lucky and I have full command of your awesome heels.

I' m all over this. I' m very, very lucky with my new LightRider bridles. I' ve tried a few different kinds of bridles and this is by far the best I've ever seen.

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