English Riding Gifts

Riding Gifts

Tally Ho, Steeplechase Planter, English Fox Hunt, gift for horse lovers. You can buy gifts for children and boys within the riding disciplines, as well as our practical gift guide. Buy our English and Western gifts. Children's riding clothes, riding boots or riding equipment from top brands such as Kerrits, Irideon or Ovation.

Riding for children

Children's riding clothes, riding shoes or riding equipment from top makes like Kerrits, Irideon or Ovation. There is nothing you can do incorrectly with a nice colourful school trousers, a horse-like T-shirt, a new set of dockboots or a show top or riding helme. Kid's riding mitts, caps or stockings also make great stockings!


The one-year free return policy is a present in itself that guarantees the lucky one! Easy and comfortable to order, you can either choose a $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 or $500 value of your personalized greeting cards or simply e-mail them directly to the recipient's e-mail adress!

Choose the greeting cards you want to buy from the drop-down list on the right. Shipment of all cards within the adjacent U.S.A. is free of charge. Fill in the E-Gift order from the right side. Choose "Add to shopping cart" to insert the E-Gift Cards into your order.

E-toxic Cards will be sent to the recipient's e-mail within 24h. Is it possible to use more than one present for one order? Yes, you can use more than one greeting cards per order. Is it possible to order several cards at once? You can order physical cards in several amounts at once.

Will my gift voucher be forfeited? Is it possible to send my gift voucher over-night? Do I get an e-mail confirming an E-Gift Cards order? May I specify how much of my gift voucher I want to use? system and available for further orders. May I use a gift voucher to purchase my order cash on delivery? a.

No. Vouchers cannot be used to buy cash on delivery. Is it possible to buy another card with a greeting card? Gifts cannot be used as a means of paying for extra gifts. May I use vouchers or rebates on vouchers? Gifts Card Buys.

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