English Riding Jackets Sale

Riding Jackets Sale

Women Grand Prix Jacket Sale. Mary's Tack and Feed offers Ariat and RJ Classics women's show coats for show jumping competitions at our low prices. Riding and riding clothes clearance can help you to give your best without spending too much money. Marlow Tweed riding jacket. Competitive Equiline Lisa Jacket SALE .

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Elegant and elegant design creates a convincing reputation in all English sports. Handcrafted jackets with a three-button front are beautifully tailored in the most classic colours. The hunting gowns are decorated in tradition with a flowing shape, three knobs on the front and in dark, refined colours. Schneider has hunting cloaks, also known as competitive or show cloaks for English events, from major clothing producers such as Grand Prix, RJ Classic, Kerrits, Dublin, Irideon Kismet, Devon-Aire, TuffRider® and Ariat.

Made from 100 per cent pure new woollen, our Grand Prix hunting jackets are fully padded. Tailor-made, these competitive jackets have a complimentary fitting and are handmade and stitched by experienced seamstresses. The RJ Classics is recommended for an easy-care show jacket. Lightweight and soft to the touch, this fabric is machine-washable and has a net fabric inner layer to keep you looking and comfortable even in warmth.

Kerrits competitive jacket blends the best of tradition and modernity with a classical look and a unique material that is waterproof, windproof, light, stretchable and breathe. Dublin's show jacket is tailor-made and traditionally made of woven knitted fabrics. The two jackets are mechanically cleanable. The Irideon Kismet show jacket is made of elastic polyamide and stretch tex, wrinkle-free and dustproof and hard-wearing.

It is padded with moisture-transporting woven cotton and has two bags and specific interiors. Ariat's show jacket has a neat, aerodynamic look and is made of an easy-care stretched polyurethane weave that is moisture-transporting, wrinkle-resistant and dimensionally stable. The Devon-Aire show jacket is equipped with a water-repellent and wrinkle-resistant micro-polyfibre web.

It is designed for a less voluminous look.

There are 7 tips for washing riding gear.

At some point in the future, all riding gear, whether for the equine user or the horseman, may become soiled by sweat or other outside factors. You can help keep your gear in good condition with a little help and some laundry! Our most important piece of good riding clothes is::

Observe the manufacturer's notes! The majority of our cleaning agents come with a wash guide, but if in question, do not use a conditioner or tumble-dry your clothes or gear. Equine gear consists mainly of man-made fibres that cannot withstand the temperature of the drier.

As a rule, almost all appliances can be laundered in the Washer. But then horsehair remains in the frame and sticks to the garments that are subsequently wash. If you have a large amount of equine wash, it is worth buying a second large capacitiy tool that is only used for equine work.

It can also be handwashed if no washer is available. It is also possible to take them to a business that specialises in cleaning equestrian gear. SHEEP SKIN GOODS sheep skin goods need to be treated in a particular way. You should use a specific laundry soap, as it keeps the lamb skin smooth and lubricated.

The characteristics of the washer should depend on the type of garment, as the spinning process can damage some objects. The use of a soft menstrual flow and a soft cleanser would be a good choice. When you are not sure how to wash a garment, it is advisable to contact a professional. The staff in the riding stores are available for discussions and are acquainted with the equipment and its maintenance.

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