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Supplier of fine clothing and equipment for English riding disciplines. Receive directions, reviews and information about English Riding Supply in Scranton, PA . German Riding Supply reminds of wire "Happy Mouth" Bit

Today the U.S. Consumers Brand Safety Commission, in collaboration with the company listed below, announces a volunteer withdrawal of the following CPP. If not otherwise indicated, customers should stop using called back goods immediately. Selling or attempting to sell a called back user item is against the law. Importers: English Riding Supply Inc. from Scranton, Pa.

Interlaced stainless steal wires in the mouth piece connecting the teeth on both sides of the horse's cheek can fray, rust or wear out, which can cause the teeth to fracture. It has four reported cases of cracked and injured wires, which include cracked and cracked bone, bruising and backache caused by falling.

Eight Happy mouthpieces are used with a riding harness. Those participating in this callback have a woven stainless steal thread that runs through the synthetic tip and most have a metallic ring at each end. The phone numbers in the callback are +4662172SS, 462177SS, 462181SS, 462184SS, 464123SS, 466898SS, +4666904SS and +4667248SS.

You will find the models numbers on a sticker on the products. Horse riding, saddle, saddler, mail order and on-line horse riding from July 2003 to April 2012 for between $30 and $51: Customers should stop using these kits immediately and send them back to the dealer where they bought them or send them back directly to English Riding Supply for a full reimbursement.

CPSC' s mission is to protect the general population from inappropriate risk of personal injuries and fatalities associated with the use of tens of thousand items of consumption under the Agencys jurisdictional framework. Fatalities, injures and material damages caused by accidents with consumables costs the country more than 900 billion dollars a year. CPSC' mission is to protect users and the family from fire, electric, chemical and/or mechanic hazards.

CPSC' s work to guarantee the security of consumables such as children's beds, electric appliances, cigarettes and domestic chemical goods has helped to reduce the number of fatalities and injury related to consumables over the last 30 years. It is forbidden under Swiss government legislation to dispose of or redistribute this or any other recall item.

If you want to notify a hazardous device or product-related violation, go online: This press information and information on the products' health and safety is available to the consumer at www.cpsc.gov.

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