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Homepage - Flies away As the temperature rises and the length of longer sunny nights increases, flyers prepare to make your shed your holiday destination. Unblock your own free fleece ERS Away! We' ve got what you need to stop these annoying beetles from dampening your summers game! Check out the equestrian apparel, equipment and healthcare product catalogue for the entire range of our equestrian footwear and hosiery brand and find an authorized Equestrian hosiery retailer.

Use our flying mask to remove irritations on the delicate face of your horses. It stays in place, is convenient for the horses and goes well with our flying clothes! With our earnets you can make your riding calmer and more pleasant, reducing annoying flying around your horse's face and ear without compromising your vision.

UNDETECT YOUR HOARD FOR FLYING! Clac, also known as deo lotion, is Germany's most popular ALL-NATURAL flyscreen. Are you concerned about using insecticides around your horses out of worries about polluting the world, your horses or yourself? An abbreviation for "deodorant lotion", Deo-Lotion works by covering the smell of your horse's bow ties with purely organic substances and ethereal oil.

Naturally, their produce controls fly - stags, pets, stables, horses and blacks - as well as tick, mosquito and mosquito. Does your stallion have an unbearable itch during the summers?

What happens to English riding equipment for sponsors? Ovationading Rider Awards at equestrian shows by the Bay.

Equestrianism by the Bay Inc. is delighted to announce that English Riding Supply is back this year as a Bay Equestrian Festival Platinum Show and Ovation Platinum Festival Platinum Shower. Since 2007, the Ovation Leadading Rider Award Programme has been part of the Hunter/Jumper Award Programme at Horseshows by the Bay.

In each of the 12 recognised winners from Pony Hunter to Open Jumper, the winners of the Tour de France competition will be announced. Drivers who collect the most points at the end of the four-week round receive a $500 voucher that they can use from the extensive English Riding Supply catalogue.

Prizes will be awarded to the winner during the Bay Series IV equestrian shows. Say Alex Rheinheimer, horse sports by the Bay Inc. The Ovation Leadership Rider Award is one of the annual highlight for our attendees. The choice of such renowned labels as Ovation, Pessoa, Centaur and Veredus ensures that you will find something valuable and useful.

Can' t thank English Riding Supply enough for continuing to give their backing to our riding demonstration and this fantastic rewards programme". The English Riding Supply Centaur is also the show's authorized apparel dealer and will stylishly clothe the show's Grand Hunter Champions with Centaur Wool Coolers and offer nice Turbo Dry Show Sheets to the Hunter and Jumper Classic winner.

The champions of the II and IV serie will also get an Centaur Dress Scrim Sheet with embroidery for their performances. Peggy Murray of English Riding Supply will be on site during the shows at the bay and will provide extra prices and vouchers. "The leading English Riding Supply brand names Pessoa, Veredus, Centaur and Ovation will be at the centre of this show.

Ovation represent the best of all kinds of riding wear, which includes an ample selection of show and training hats. To learn more about English Riding Supply and to see the full listing of our products, trademarks and on-line catalogue, please www.englishridingsupply.com. This year' s Bay Festival equestrian shows will kick off with the Bay Series I and II show jumping classes from 22nd to 24th June, two consecutive USDF level 3 tests.

The following four USEF AA-Hunter/Level 4 Jumper Shows, known as the Bay Series I-IV Horn Shows, begin one and a half weeks later on July 4th. For more information on the 2012 Bay Equestrian Festival's thrilling equestrian shows, as well as our Blue Ribbon accommodation and transportation partners, please visit our website at www.horseshowsbythebay.com.

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