English Saddle Consignment

British saddle consignment

Send a saddle with us. Selling or sending in a saddle They don't spend much of your valuable resources selling it, reacting to more than one email, or addressing issues with sending it. With our diverse distribution network, we provide you with the highest presence for your saddle, and our kind, expert field force provides excellent support to help you see, test and sell your saddle! The saddle will be highly visible:

Prospective purchasers have the opportunity to ride the saddle and immediately fell in lov with it. Our feature-rich website with full accessibility to saddle information, photographs and test/buy choices. Soon our shop will sell your saddle to horsemen in the most important riding halls all over the state!

With our highly competetive fee structures we ensure that you get a fairly priced property: All your queries on the way will be answered by our kind team. Buy or return your saddle in three simple stages! Stage 1: Fill out our fast and simple authorisation request forms. Stage 2: Get the authority to dispatch your saddle. Stage 3: Once you have received approval for your saddle, please mail it to us:

A copy of the delivery note must be enclosed with your saddle. If your saddle is clean and groomed, it will be sold later. The detail of the saddle can also add value to your saddle! The details of your saddle include: It is also possible to use your own credential number to get in touch with us when the saddle arrives.

In case you can't find the saddle you are looking for, let us know; we will do everything we can to find it for you! Fill out our contact information or call us at 440-708-0674 for more information.

Second-hand saddles

Each of our used calipers is delivered with a 7-day evaluation version so you can be sure of your order! In order to try a saddle, you must buy the saddle and ship it. It'?s that simple! When the saddle doesn't work, just return it before the 7 day period is over. Eight-956 Split pin St.

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