English Saddle Pads

British saddle pads

No matter if universal, dressage or saddle pad, you will find the right thing at Schneiders. British saddle pads for dressage, all-purpose or close-contact saddles. Saddle pads & accessories - Schneiders Saddle cushions have been around for almost as long as there have been some. The addition of a high-quality English saddle cloth can offer many advantages for workout, daily ride or demonstration. Some saddle pads can be used to help the saddle adjust, while others can help the saddle slip while others can help the saddle stay intact.

Schneider has a range of English saddle covers and equipment for all driving types and sports. Here you will find top makes like Mattes, Professional's Choose and Thinline as well as our own Dura-Tech pads, which are used by top-drivers. The saddle pads for English horseback rides are available in different designs for different saddle and style of horseback rides.

The universal English saddle pads comprise both traditionally formed saddle pads, which correspond approximately to the saddle under which they are seated, and square-cut pads, which have a more general shape. Upholstered in fabrics such as stitched wool, lycra, cotton towelling and polyesters, they are light and airy, and keep your back cold and comfy.

As you ride more proficiently, a saddle cloth will cope with the exertions of long runs and tough styles. This high-performing saddle pads have moisture-transporting characteristics and are strengthened for handling powerful, muscles. Protecting English saddle pads can enhance your comforts and help avoid tiredness and aches.

Semi-pads dampen the back and relieve spine compression, while risers help compensate for the saddle so that back compression is evenly even. There are many types of pads, such as pads that hold washers, contours at the withers and pads with hook and loop fastener bags for shownummern. For adults as well as teenagers there are English saddle blankets in many different colours for demanding horsemen.

When you order from Schneiders, you get the best value for pelmets and English pelmet supplies such as straps and polish.

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