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The Saddle Seat is a riding style within the English riding category that was developed to show the high activity of certain horse breeds. The choice of a well-fitting saddle is the key to a comfortable riding position. Browse our guide to saddle sizes and find the right saddle seat size for a rider. Type in your body measurements for height, weight and thighs to determine your English saddle seat size. See Schneiders for English show bridles and headbands by Joseph Sterling, Premier and Pinnacle, designed by professional trainers.

How does saddle sitting differ from other English disciplines?

The saddle seat ride is a type of English equitation intended to present trotting top class horseback rides. Horseback rides in a saddle seat can be traced back to two different springs. First was the Plantation equestrian technique, using a gently agile and striding steed. Another spring of saddle sitting was a continental effect of a shallower English show saddle.

Equestrian training: A saddle seat is a good fit in the saddle. Adjusts this equestrian posture behind the horse's centre of gravity. Thus it is possible for the rider's helpers to promote the front high kicking movement of his horses. These horses have higher horses than other equestrian events.

Passenger's location mirrors the required slide of the passenger cradle. All in all, the driver must make the journey look easy. Sattel (Tack): This saddle is very different from other English discipline riders' saddles. The saddle is made of a special material. This saddle has a shallow seat with very little upholstery. Saddle is placed further back on the saddle to provide a movement effect behind the saddle which is expressed in a higher front movement when walking.

As a rule, these calipers are longer. A saddle seated saddle horses usually carries a twin heel, which allows the horseman to help in the horse's back of the head. Nature of horse: The nature of the animal used for saddle seat horseback ride is typical of the American saddle horses. A saddle seated saddle seat must have a high erect throat and high walk.

Others popular races are the National Show Horse, the Tennessee Walking Horse, the Racking Horse, the Spotted Saddle Horse, the Morgan, the Arabian, the Hackney, the Dutch Harness Horse, the Paso Fino, the Missouri Fox Trotter and the Rocky Mountain Horse. Equestrian clothing: For men and woman the saddle seat clothing is similar to a men's suits or a dinner jacket.

The passenger is usually crowned with a derby cap or the passenger can choose to carry a helme.

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