English Saddles for Sale

British saddles for sale

You will find an English saddle that suits your needs. St. Croix offers all types of used English saddles at competitive prices. This includes dressage saddles, close-up contact saddles and general-purpose saddles. Each used English saddle we receive is thoroughly inspected for damage, unusual wear and tear and tree integrity.

British saddles

The English rider is a slim and stylish design, very different from its westerner equivalent. It is designed for convenience and controllability and is available in different versions, while the base of the seat stays the same. There is the right make for you and your horses and the kind of activity you like.

Which are the different kinds of English saddles? All-round use for leisure rides, hiking along a forest path, show jumps and training. Dressursaddle should bring out the exterior of the horses and make them look especially stylish. The majority of saddlers are of the opinion that the training caliper should only be used for training.

They are slightly longer than the all-purpose calf and the fit is nearer to the horse's shoulder to ensure that the saddle lies just above its centre of balance. Saddles of versatility press the rider's body backwards and ensure that the horses legs point forward when jumping over a barrier or on an obstruction course.

Closing and spring/closing contacts saddles have the seats nearer to the edge than training saddles. This Polosaddle is specially designed for the tight curves and the exhausting playing of a pole game. The upholstery is less than other saddles. Upholstery is placed under the nut to give the rider even more comforts.

Which material are English saddles made of? The English saddles are made of the best traditional leathers the tanners can find. The newer saddles are made of imitation leathers, but they don't last that long. Which are the parts of an English nut? It' a small part of the ridge named the treetop.

By the time he's done, the nut will have it: When the English seat is turned over and the edge points upwards, you will see a passage that runs in the center of the cushioned panelling towards the esophagus.

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