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Wikipedia has article about: stable - Wikipedia. Robust definitions and meanings | Collins English Dictionary When something is stabilized, it probably won't improve or end abruptly. During the remainder of the year, the prices of crude should stay the same. When someone has a solid persona, he is quiet and sensible and his temper does not suddenaneous. They are fully trained and both are very sturdy kids.

One can call someone who is seriously ill stabile when his state has not worsened. He was in a steady state. Chemicals are considered robust if they have a tendency to stay in the same state. These less stabile connections were transformed into a connection named Delta-A THC.

Once an item is steady, it is securely locked in place and cannot move or drop. It has to be solid. The barn or barn is a place where the horse is kept. Stables are an organisation that races and educates horse for motorsport.

Ms. Curling won on two of the Mick Trickey stables. February 7: No wonder why close, steady relations led to long-term satisfaction. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Show more.....: If something is steady, it probably won't improve or end now. Crude prices have stayed steady this months.

KORYO: ???: A barn or barn is a place where a horse is kept.

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