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Riding clothes in English

Buy our top brands in cowboy and western boots. Modern Twist, Classic Style - competent consulting for equine grooming and riding If you are shopping for your English riding clothes and turn, think of two words: traditionally and functionally. However, with a minimalist, stylish participation you are prepared to try out any English course. English riding clothes are tailor-made, but not restricted. Today's riding clothes are made of new technical materials that blend good looks with humidity transport, breathability and elastic.

For example, 1824 Arnott Mason developed clothes collections especially for large, small and large horsemen. Here is how to put together a show-suited English look, from your hat to your shoe. Helm. You should have a showhat that meets or exceeds the latest security requirements. Today they are good-looking, lightweight, flat, vented and very comfy.

Renowned brands such as International Riding Helmets and Troxel provide headwear in a multitude of different colours, designs and pricing. When you choose to train in a bright hat, buy a dark suede hat that you can put on at a competition. Or book a protective hardhat made of velveteen only for shows. Pants. The jodhpurs can be worn heavily or lightly, or fastened with a zipper.

Hot-air riding pants are usually made of microfibre or a mixture of wool and lycra; cool-air riding pants are usually made of or padded with fibre. The jodhpurs have leathers on the inside of the leg for extra traction and strength. BEEGE, BUFFE and KUKAKI jodhpurs are suitable for English competitions.

You should have long sleeves and spacious enough to be comfy. If you try on a sweatshirt, go into riding posture and move as if you were on horse back, with your hands forward as you would with a leap. At the J├Ągerring, blacks are out, but marine and darkgrey are always the trend (see page 14).

Arnott Mason and Intec Performance Gear/International Riding Helmets provide comfort, lightness and versatility in a range of styles and colours. Boot. Classic English show shoes are high, dark and thigh friendly. At first glance, your new shoes may seem too big - that's natural. Outdoor shoes - those with laces - are accepted in most unofficial races.

However, change to a boot when you ascend to a higher standard race. Ariat, Mountain Horse, Der-Dau and Dehner are some well-known English equestrian trademarks. Save one or two glove (s) for the race - either black hide or cloth will fit your overall look while preserving your finger and enhancing your feel. A number of participants fit their helmets, jackets, shirts and saddles as well as the shoes or dressings of their horse.

The English show-tock is usually the same as the English scholo-tock. Indeed, a rider's English showtack is normally the schooltack, which is cleansed and burnished within an centimetre of his being. When you buy and keep your tacks straight forward, traditional, black and black, you can use them at work, on the road and at work.

Nut. There are three standard English calipers. Dressur calipers have a broad, low fit and a straigth lid to take up the rider's straighter posture and longer leggth. Tight fitting or bouncy seats have a more forward slit door and a shallow fit so that the saddler can better assume a two-point posture (where her fit with her feet is the only point of engagement out of the saddle).

Universal or versatile saddle have a medium low fit and broad keys that have been designed so far forward that the saddle is suitable for flat work and show jumps. Bates Caprilli Clos Contact (see below), ideal for hunter, jumper and eventer, has a lower fit than most other show-jump saddle for added strength.

If you buy an English seat, you only get.... the seat. The majority of seat producers produce seat belts and leather to go with their seats. saddlecloth. The most are made of stitched fabric or woolece. The English bridle consists of a headpiece, cape bridle (noseband), headband, two cheeks, reigns and a little. Select your style - tight contacts, versatility or training.

Each of the three calipers is equipped with the Easy-Change Gullet System. "They' re appealing, they' re cheap and adaptable, and they' re perfect for the English beginner with more than one horse," says Weatherbeeta Head of Sales Mary Conti. They are light, cheap, easy tidy and can be used in almost all races.

Torowgood and Win-tec both produce outstanding plastic calipers, and Wintec now provides a suitable plastic frig. As long as the colours are similar enough to present a beautiful, compressed image in the show ring, you can blend and adjust your tack. See how it looks. The traditional and simple style are in demand at tournaments, but only three things count for teaching at home: security, convenience and style.

Training helms. Investigate in a training hardhat that is as protected as your velvety hardhat, but much cheaper. A bright training hat provides the ultimate convenience in warm summers, helping you keep chilly while being secure. There are school hats in the colours blacks, whites and a variety of colours and designs.

Customize your headgear with transfers or a colourful pad. Boot, riding trousers, shirt. They are wearing high and riding trousers at contests, but high heels are not always warm and chilly, and bright show riding trousers are great spotcatchers. You still need a one-piece insole and a small platform for security but for training and leisure riding you may want the convenient pairing of paddocking and halfchaps.

Then you can take out your caps when they are not in the back. The Ariat International, Mountain Horse and Dansko are some good springs for a pair of comfy, long-lasting kayak-boot. If you are going to leave your semicapsules removed and your hide between the bottom of your riding shorts and the top of your docking boot, you should consider investing in riding shorts that are longer than riding shorts, with cuffs and for use with shorts.

Polos, comfy and well vented, are common schoolwear - but also T-shirts and hoodies. School clothes can be as savage, mad and colourful as you want them to be - no design is too weird and no colour scheme too savage. When you want to add a shiny reddish colour to your poloshirt, just go ahead.

Taste the TuffRider jeans jodhpurs from ipc. Here you will find school trousers and riding stockings in almost every conceivable colour. Kerrit, eq Rider, Tropical Rider, Devon-Aire, Boink and 1824 Arnott Mason provide an amazing range of show and schoolwear. When it comes to the heat in winters, Ariat and Mountain Horse provide classy, weather-proof garments, and the new Irideon stockings and t-shirts from Toklat are made for shift work.

They can use a seperate harness and harness for training. Or you have a seat and two fences - one for school, one for the show. You will also need two accessory parts for the padding and wrap or protection boot. Seat upholstery. They can buy a piece of paper from a school or they can go to a school.

You can probably find a pair of wrap polos to go with your pelmet if you want your mare to have a colour-coordinated look during training. When you prefer to wear a boot as a wrap, you' ll be free to go - brush boot, track boot and sports boot are not permitted in the show ring, but they are good for training.

Sport and track shoes, like those from Classic Equine, are available in many different colours, and you can even buy a pair of track shoes with built-in glitters. The English riding includes a continuous lighting touch through the bridles to provide a consistent interaction between the teeth and your palms.

It is important that your stallion is acquainted and trusted with his teeth so that the stallion he carries at a show is usually the same as he carries when you train at home. The right set of teeth is a snaffle for most English riding contests - one without thighs. Usually equipped with a chinstrap or necklace, this is not suitable for English horseback riding and puts a lot of strain on your horse's jaws and voice.

Much of the most beloved English bit, such as those of Herm Sprenger and Kangaroo, are made of cupriferous alloy.

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