English Style Saddle

British style saddle

The reliable English horse equipment will walk, trot and gallop with style. The saddle was developed with the English riding style of the saddle seat in mind. You can master all driving styles.

Westerns or English? Explanation of saddle styles

When you have been living in the valleys long enough, there is a chance that you have seen one or two riders. What are some horsemen doing wearing super-firm, high waist trousers with high level leather high heels and others only wearing denim and high heels with jumply sport shoes? Some of them have horn seats, others don't. Why?

Westernsaddles are the ones with a bugle. Cutter, reiner, jymkhana, team bum, westerns fun, competition course, horse show, rock sport, westerns training (a hybrid) and many other equestrian lifestyles.

Every style has its own modification of acoustic saddles, depending on what the saddle has to do, such as a thin or a thicker flange, a higher coat or knob (front and back of the saddle seat) and differently designed temples (the part where you place your feet). Westernsaddles were designed here in the West, you guess.

During the early colonial period, Spaniards conquistadores took their horse and gear to America and for several hundred years riders adjusted their gear and technique to their own needs. The style, vibrancy and facilities of Buckaroo and Laquero have recently made a big return. Every hut style evolved in a different western area, and they even have their own distinct meaning and messages.

British horsemen in the valleys often carry gaquero style or western-inspired caps (but they usually carry a helmet when mounted). Horse back riding is extremly multi-cultural! The English saddle is the small, slip -looking saddle without buzzer, which seems really insecure and discomfort. British horsemen practice all types of sport: show jump, poleo, fox hunting, versatility, stamina, saddle, training and much more, and each of these disciplines has a tailor-made kind of English saddle with characteristics specifically tailored to the discipline such as knuckle roll, upper leg block, a lower or flatter fit or a short or longer key.

By the way, show jumpers were modernised in Italy, but the English quickly adjusted to the "front seat" of horse back and took out a loan, so that there is no such thing as an Italien saddle (although there are saddlers from Italy). It is the English horsemen of almost all the above mentioned events who are wearing these close-fitting jodhpurs and the high heels.

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