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Please contact us for shipments, liquidations and shipping orders! English turning points, clothing and blankets are available. MEIN ZIMMER Konsignations-Shop, Eagle, Idaho. Only place to find used English equipment and clothing in Boise. Then we take and see the shipment or used goods.


PRESENTED ARTICLES! Be sure to make sure you get checked in to see the latest hot news at the shop! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information on these products or to buy them! Offering a wide range of second hand calipers that include closed contacts, all purpose, dressage and cuttingbacks! In our shop you will find a choice of acoustic halter shoes, headpieces, rein, chest collar and acoustic parts!

There is everything you need to equip your horse companion, such as halter, protective boot, barn blanket, barn blanket, mosquito blanket, switch cloth and switch blanket.

Olson's Tack Shop - Saddle delivery conditions

Guidelines for the shipping saddle: Olson's Tack Shop has over 70 years of expertise and know-how to guarantee a fast and effective shipping operation. Our proud personnel are highly skilled and skilled to help our customers find the perfect riding harness for both horses and riders. Olson's Tack has a flourishing apparel store and sells hundred of used apparel each year.

When you send your seat to us, we make sure that it is noticed by as many prospective purchasers as possible. Using our local saddler, we do our best to find answers to the right question before the bike goes on test to judge the probability of a game. More about the right shape of the seat can be found here.

Once your seat reaches us, we actively communicate with the customers on the queue and inform them that a game has been received. Every single one of our calipers is checked and maintained by our local mechanic so that every detail is taken into account. How do you get your bike ready for shipment?

If you are interested in a particular type of semitrailer, please do not hesitate to ask us. When we think that your seat is a specimen that we would be able to offer on commission, you have to fill in a consignment agreement that describes the consignment work. Do you need an estimation of what your seat is worth? Do you?

The right is reserved to reject any horse that does not meet these specified requirements. When you send your seat to us: When your seat has a covering, wind the knob and the cantle in air-cushion film. When there is no covering, we suggest packing the whole nut in air-cushion film. Only the best cleaning agents and conditions are applied to your seat.

Every nut gets a website with several pictures in good condition. It takes 7 working days for the seat to appear on-line. Detailed, precise job description that will help prospective purchasers establish whether it is the right seat for them. Safer and more reliable delivery to prospective clients. All saddles offered by us are delivered with a 5-day test run during which the customer may drive in the saddle without delivery any more.

Full authorisation by full payment will be obtained and the customer will be liable for any damages to the seat during rehearsal. Our saddles are covered by shipping insurance. 30% of the retail fee will cover the costs of details, promotion and promotion of your bike.

If your seat is for sale, there is a four weeks turnaround before a cheque is sent to you. When you are on site and wish to take out a branch loan instead of a cheque, the degree of consignment is 25%. There is a $50 handling charge for each seat taken out of the shipment within 90 business days of receipt.

Six (6) monthly notice is given for those who are still in commission. If your seat does not go on sale within six weeks, you will be approached to collect your seat. If we cannot contact you, Olson's Tack Shop retains the right to make a donation to a non-profit organisation.

Selling party acknowledges that the shipped goods may, at Olson's Tack Shop's option, be taken out of the shop by potential buyers for demonstrational reasons and that there may be some abrasion. Vendor acknowledges and accepts that Olson's Tack shall not be liable for any losses or damages to the goods during consignment with Olson's Tack, except for losses caused by Olson's Tack's own fault or that of its agents.

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