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The North America's English Tack Superstore, where you will find new and unique equestrian products for horses and riders from all over the world. Womenswear - Youth Apparel Shop: Juvenile Clothing - Mens Apparel Shop: Menswear - Reithelme & Westen Shop: Explore a world of products every English rider needs, from turning and equipment to riding gear and accessories.


Shires Equestrian UK, Horze, Schockemohle Sports, Arista, Gatehouse Helmets and Neue Schule and more. If you need help, our experienced Bitmonteur will be glad to help you find the right one.

All of our dressage and eventing equipment offers affordable prices for all hunter/jumper, dressage and eventing events. We believe that our refund policies are one of the best in the industry, with a 30-day cash back security, whether you are changing your minds about the product you bought or deciding that it is the incorrect color or color that you can readily trade in or give back.

Have fun with your purchase and do not hesistate to get in touch with us if you have any queries about our product.

British equestrian clothing

British horsemen put their faith in Mary's Tack & Feet for the best show jackets, jodhpurs, shirts and English equestrian equipment. To make you look good in the show ring, we have top labels and elegantly styled English equestrian clothing for novices in the class. Our price-match warranty allows us to offer lower rates that you may find elsewhere.

We have more than 50 years of experience in pricing negotiations and our trust in our low pricing for the best English equestrian labels. Buy our low priced horses at top level stallions like Arista, Romfh and Goode Reider. Buy our top stamps in children's training jackets. Our jodhpurs are English for grown-ups and kids, and include women's jodhpurs in full body and oversize.

We' ve got classical show and training show jackets made of moisture-transporting materials to keep you cold and warm under the crunchy undercollar. Our range includes classical English driving gauntlets and today's multi-purpose show ring gauntlets for grown-ups and kids. Buy our English half caps in grown-up and child size.

Wear your English equestrian clothes in our pretty boots, duffel, bridles and clothes when you are on the show track. Also for your horse we have excellent English seats, seat cushions and seat clamps. Explore our library of English equestrian literature and DVD's for beginner and experienced riders.

We offer a range of extraordinary presents for your English equestrian friends. Please check out our Clearance Corner page for low prices on selected English driver's clothing and ancillaries.

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