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Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania Union County. Large selection of top quality Race Tack, English Tack, Western Tack, In House Tack Repair, Blanket Wash & Repair, Embroidery and Custom Work. Tack Shack has a huge selection of English and Western equipment, as well as a huge selection of top riding gear! The EQ is Northern California's provider of the industry's best apparel, equipment and supplies.

The Mid-Atlantic's leading tack exchange in the heart of Hunt Country.

Mid-Atlantic's leading tack fair in the centre of Hunt Country.

Mid-Atlantic's leading tack fair in the centre of Hunt Country. New and used English equestrian clothing for children and grown-ups - even the most difficult and uncommon to find. All questions regarding softness and labels can be answered by our expert team. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your turning and clothing wishes.

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The present owner John and Janet Eubank and their two children take care of the day-to-day operation and support the clients on their arrival. There are a wide range of equestrian and hunting harness as well as equestrian equipment in the West. It will be difficult for you to find a wider range of shoes in Northern India, as we have over 1500 pair of shoes from different manufacturers.

Should there ever be anything you are looking for that is not available in the shop, we will be happy to order from one of the suppliers we work with.

The Temecula Tack Store specializes in versatility tack and gear.

Please check out our Temecula Tack Shop! The English styled shop is situated in the southeast of Temecula, directly on Parkway 79 / Temecula - only 10 min from the " HRSE VALLEY " and Galway Downs. There is a wide selection of riding clothes, riding gear and used saddle for sal.

As in our On-line-Shop we are specialized in training gear (including a complete range of parts for horses ), show jumpers and of course everything you need for off-road use. We now have American Family Feed in our Temecula Tack Shop.

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Articles for the horseman; stockings, ankle boot, pantyhose, breeches, daily wear, showwear, helms and mittens. Articles for the equine; boot, bucket boot, harness, saddle pad, bit, reins, bridle, halter, blanket, care product, vitamin and special foodstuff. Our range includes all types of equestrian seasonwear for ALL REITER. There is a large choice of jackets, shorts, gloves as well as hats and hats for your personal needs.

We have a multidisciplinary range of showwear for all shows in English language. There is a large choice of English tacks for every type of tramp. From ponies to designs, our range of styles includes covers, bristles, bridles, halter, saddle straps, jackets, wrap, pads, bit, half-pads and more!

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