Epic Hoof Boots

Epical hoof boots

Easyboot Epic is the ideal boot for hard, aggressive conditions or for a horse that is difficult to boot. Returned to the Epic after trying other boots. Horse protection riding replacement in case of a lost shoe. Easyboot Epic riding boots are ideal for the barefoot horse, muddy conditions or for a horse that is difficult to boot.

Easycares Easyboot Epic Hoof Shoe

The EasyBoot Epic hoof shoe was developed for difficult to start mounts, barefooted mounts and extremely rough terrain and is suitable for middle to high mileages ('over 25 mile per week'). Featuring the popular Easyboot hoof cup, this shoe has a" new and improved" gaiters that keep the shoe in place with ease, using the latest technologies to help and protect the smooth fabric that surrounds the hoof.

As an Easyboot favourite, the Epic boots will carry and hold any hoof form over the hardest terrains. 4149-159/ 5 7/8- 6 1/4"150-159/ 5 7/8- 6 1/4" 5159-170/ 6 1/4- 6 11/16"159-170/ 6 1/4- 6 11/16" 6170-177/ 6 11/16- 6 15/16"170-177/ 6 11/16- 6 15/16" 7177-188/ 6 15/16- 7 3/8"177-188/ 6 15/16- 7 3/8" Measurement:

Every Easyboot style has its own style. In order to find the right hoof measurement for your horses, please consult the tables below and the Easyboot Hoof Measurement Guide.

Easycares Easyboot Epic Hoof Shoes 2

All in all, the boots themselves do the work they are to do. It is not very good to see the hook and loop fastener on the boots. I' ve only had my boots for a few months and I've used them less than a couple dozens of them. I tore off the outside of my hook and loop in my hands the other night.

I' d think for the sake of cost, they could use high performance Velcro instead of plastic/Vinyl-supported material, which gets rough when it's cool and torn lightly by naked handholds.

Epic Easyboot

Easyboot Epic boots are perfect for the barefooter, slippery terrain or for a hard to bootser. Built-in gaiter provides additional hoof guard and prevents the ingress of surplus soil and grime into Easy Boots. The system also assists in harsh environments such as silt, snows and canyons.

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