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QUERRYERY is a range of high quality feeds, made from the best ingredients, produced by HJ Lea Oakes. QUERRYERY is a range of high quality feeds, made from the best ingredients, produced by H J Lea Oakes. Newest tweets from Equerry Horse Feeds (@EquerryFeeds).

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EQUERERRY is a line of high value feeds, made from the best raw materials, made by HJ Lea Oakes. No matter if you are looking for a Cool Mix or a Condition Cube, our feeds are designed so that your horse gets everything he needs in a pouch. The HJ Lea Oakes is perhaps the longest standing UK based independant pet food producer, with a line going back to the Swettenham mill in 1675, where the Lea and Lea families started grinding food to serve the farm town.

These are manufactured according to the BETA NOPS system and give our clients security. Our feeds are all vitamin and mineral balance to promote good nutrition and well-being and contain high value proteins for building muscles where appropriate. What's the point of feeding a must?

EQUERY horse feed

We use cookies to personnalisize content, tailor and measure advertisements and increase the security of our users. For more information about our cookies and how you can keep control of them, click here : . Using Equerry Horse Feeds for many years, Jo is very happy with the wide range of animal feeds we make - and they fit all her farm herds.

There is a suitable food for every situation. Alan's goal is to create a horse for the Horse of the Year Show.

Sponsor of the Equerry Horse Feeds Bolesworth Grand Prix

The Bolesworth International organizers are pleased to announce Equerry Horse Feeds as this year' s winner of this year' s £60,000 in the category of jumping. Equerry was also re-elected as a sponsoring partner of the four-day Bolesworth International with Ashford Farm. Equerry is produced by HJ Lea Oakes in Chareshire, a privately owned company and one of the oldest UK independently owned pet food producers, which dates back to 1675 when the Lea and Lea families began grinding fodder for agriculture in the town.

For Edward Lea, the company's CEO and sponsor of the GP - a category that should have attracted some of the world's best drivers during the last preparations for this summer's Olympic Games in Rio - she is continuing a long-standing partnership with Bolesworth. We' ve been there from the start and we've seen it go from force to strength," Edward said after confirming a three-year Bolesworth transaction.

"We started by sponsoring one of the categories right from the start, and this is a perfect match for our Equerry Horse Feeds label, which is becoming stronger and stronger. QUERERRY horse feeds are developed by expert dieticians using only the best raw materials and manufactured according to the BETA NOPS system.

QUERERRY horse feed combines easily digested fiber resources to help maintain a good digestion system with boiled grain to create a readily available resource of nutrition. The feed is nutritionally equilibrated with essential nutrients and mineral supplements to help maintain your body's overall well-being and promote your muscles. Bolesworth 2016 will take place from 16-19 June on the stunning Bolesworth Castle site in Cheshire and will offer an exhilarating blend of jumping, training, musical performance, power, para-jumping, an inviting young horse racing event and Bolesworth's top-notch young horse show.

If the headlines of the last day's Equerry Horse Feeds Grand Prix are not enough to get the appetites, then show-stopping shows by popular groups Atomic Kitten, 5ive and Retake That are also on the agenda.

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