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South Equestrian is the leading manufacturer of leisure and versatile preppy apparel for the discerning rider. The FITS is dedicated to the art and science of equestrian clothing. #¶styledbychagrinquestrian equestrianstylehunterjumper...

# Humerside Tack & Equestrian Wear, Rambo Micklem Bridle, Equestrian Tack Shop. Visit our online shop!

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What about equine produce? And if the answers are yes, you'll find everything you need or want in our HITS supplier yards. If you are a supplier, a viewer or an exhibitionist, we have something for you! We provide a great place for our sellers to showcase their wares, passions and craftsmanship to everyone.

Our sales yard is a place where you can take a break, look around and collect everything you need, from essentials to leisure products, if you are an exhibit and enthusiastic. In the following you will find a listing of our sites, suppliers and donors.


Sell it! Sell it! Sell it! SELL, SELL!!!! <font color="#808080">SHARLA: It'?s all right, sir. Ideal for purchasing all your holiday gifts! Includes your favourite brand names like #CavalleriaToscana, #KentuckyHorsewear and #Dyon! You can order your own #KASK rose gold, vavy or dark, just for you. This is the plus your equestrian sportswear needs! This is the ideal present for you! Experience the #cozy lifestyle with this pullover from #CavalleriaToscana.

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Octagonal Rider - Tack & Aparrel

Tack & Apparel is a proud retail dealer of Ariat, Kastel Denmark, ERS, The Horse Education Company and EcoGold Rockware. If you would like to order something from us, please take a look at our ERS catalogue or go to the Ecogold website or The Horse Education Company website and call Hanna at 318-471-8337 with your order!

Do not hesitate to call Hanna and plan a shopping trip! Our range includes a uniquely designed range of household goods for horses from retail stores such as Sophie Allport, Vagabond House, Breyer and Horse and Home. Visit the boutique and have a look! Click here!

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