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Riding school - Ojai Valley School Ojai Valley School's Riding Programme puts pupils on horseback who start in pre-kindergarten, where pupils in grade 4-12 have the opportunity to take a horse as their own horse riding activity and fight as members of a group. The Ojai Valley Schools welcome equestrians of all abilities, from seasoned competition horse racers to novice and amateur level equestrians.

The Ojai Valley School is one of the few equestrian boarding schools in California with barns on-campus so that students can go from the classroom to the stable to take part in almost every day's P.E. or sport lessons. Pupils will find many ways to develop their equestrian abilities in a programme that emphasises athletics, the art of horsewalking, endurance, stamina, patience, empathy and work.

Pupils are taught to take good care of their horse and spend much enjoyable moments in the stable with good friend - man and horse. Equestrian excursion Ireland from Ojai Valley School Journalism to Vimeo.

There are 9 excellent riding schools and their varied riding programmes!

Enthusiastic riders do not have to do without horse back-riding to visit a boarding house. Below are some of the best equestrian programmes offered by the colleges that provide a truly boarding education. Horseback rides have been an important part of South New England since the Ethel Walker Schule was founded in 1911.

Over the following few years, tens of millions of riders traveled hundred of kilometres of trails around the campsite, making new friends with their colleagues and friends, acquiring new abilities under the vigilant eye of experienced trainers and feeling the excitement of a hard-earned victory. Each Walker's Knight becomes a "complete rider" and is involved in all facets of riding, from equestrian ism, hunting, jumping, dressing and combination education to grooming and stall maintenance.

It has established itself as one of the country's premier school equestrian programmes. "No matter what your ability or interest, the Ethel Walker School Training Programme provides challenge, assistance and enjoyment. "The school is an energetic member of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA), a stepping stone for university horsewalking.

The Ethel Walker also provides a course in equestrian sciences, which can be taken by choice. Pupils can climb their own at Walker's or use the tens of training ponies that are available for the educational programme and rental. There is also volunteering in a community based equestrian sanctuary and a community based therapy equestrian centre.

Located on the west coast, 85 nautical miles to the north-west of Los Angeles, the Thai Language Course in Ojai, CA, provides a unique boarding education opportunity for lovers of horses. Thhacher is convinced that taking on true responsibilities and taking advantage of opportunities is the essence of a true commitment, a commitment that finds its way into their equestrian world. Students are coupled with a Thai stallion from Thacher's own stable from the first class onwards and learn the fundamentals of the art of equitation, complete with servicing and equitation.

Surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest mountain range, camp ings and outings are essential for the Thacher adventure, and pupils must stay at least one night a year on horseback. The Thacher Equitation Team will participate in British styled sessions for those who wish to participate and will travel to Arizona in May to race against competitors Fountain Valley and Orme Schools in a two-day tri-gymnastics Han.

Farther to the north, near San Francisco, the San Domenico School's gorgeous 500-acre Marin County, California, boarding schools and residential complex provides a great way for kids to incorporate horseback trekking into their high school experiences. Lessons are taught solely to women who are enthusiastic about horse rides and include horse back rides three nights a week throughout class and the option of outside class time.

Interscholastic Domenico's team of riders takes part in state and federal competitions as well as equestrian tournaments. San Domenico, a girls-only college, values the fact that working with equines allows pupils to build self-confidence, self-assertion and self-esteem by facing new tasks and overcome fear. The Verde Valley School's equestrian programme includes some of the country's finest equestrian areas.

The VVS also has a very varied leisure programme for the upper classes. Horseback trekking, jumpers, equestrian campsites, horseback patrols, equestrian football, horseback swim, moonlit horseback ride, and gallop on infinite distances of breathtaking paths. The programme focuses on the faith that equines are remarkable masters of communication and teaching.

This programme is designed to establish a close link between equestrian and equestrian activities and to familiarise pupils with a wide range of equestrian activities, shows and terrains, with an accent on nature based equestrian skills. The VVS has more than 25 available for its pupils, and accommodation in boarding houses is also possible for a student's own individual stallion.

Massachusetts gentle slopes also provide a boucolic equestrian environment. Stoneleigh Burnham Schools, based in Greenfield, MA, provides young women with "one of the most comprehensive and demanding educational programmes in the state. "It is also uniquely close to Mount Holyoke College, which organises a range of equestrian activities and shows throughout the year, giving pupils the opportunity to experience college-level equestrian arts.

There are forty rented stables, but the centre also has stables for students who wish to have their own. At Willoughby, OH, a Cleveland outskirts, both girls and friends of equestrian sports can participate in the Andrews Osborne Academy's Blue Ribbon Program. Andrews Osborne is a member of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, the only high schools association associated with the IHSA or the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, and honours horsemen as top sportsmen.

Its interior and exterior installations mirror this dedication, and even more encourage the Schule to encourage horsemen to take to the streets and enter competitions nationally. Osborne is "proud to have one of the most academic support programmes in the country", which means for the ambitious horseman that he never has to decide between horse back or science.

Horse back-riding in many respects has everything to do with the situation. The Foxcroft Schools, located in the country's Horse and Hunt Capital in Middleburg, VA, could not be better placed for the girls going to middle schools. Foxcroft covers an area of 500 hectares and provides all horse lovers with a place to indulge their horse-lovers.

Miss Charlotte Haxall Noland, the founding member of the college, herself a horseman and equestrian teacher, was committed to the perseverance, decisiveness and resolve that distinguish success. Horse back riding has a special characteristic for them. The Foxcroft provides classic equestrian and equilibrium jumping instruction and equestrian classes, and horsemen participate in hunter-jumping, combination classes, and the Tri-State Equity League, an inter-scholastic organization of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia colleges that Foxcroft has won several years.

The Foxcroft cavalry has three arenas, three jumping classes, a sixty-storey stables (there are 30 training stables; young ladies can also take their own) and an indoors ring for year-round use. Intermediate drivers practice with well-known pros and can use the school's Exceptional Proficiency Program to start on the Winter Florida Tour.

The International Equestrian Sport School in Hilton Head, South Carolina, provides a more traditionally sporting environment for those seeking a serious equestrian sport experience, with pupils practicing their skills every day for competition in locally, regionally and nationally-based sport and rigorously studying for an MBA. Located in the family-friendly and safe environment of Hilton Head Island, SC, home to world-renowned tennis and golf schools, the iRiding Academy's goal is to find dedicated and gifted horsemen and women and develop them to their full competitive capability at the highest juvenile ranks, while maintaining outstanding educational standard and fostering extraordinary personalities with a focus on five core components: educational, personal, equestrian, intellectual coaching and motivational.

iRiding' chief coach, Sandra McCarthy, specialises in hunting and jumping and has a track record of educating her pupils at nation level, and works day in and day out with each pupil independently and in groups. The International Riding Academy is restricted to only 12 participants and integrates into a preparation academy with 450 participants and provides a singular possibility for committed horsemen.

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