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Our catalog covers everything from carriage rides to side saddle rides, horse races and polo to agricultural and heavy horse rides - our catalog covers the whole range of riding interests. Our company specializes in the search for books that are hard to find for our clients. Check out our free and non-binding book search services - just submit us your list of books or areas of interest - and we will do our best to find them for you.

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Used, uncommon and select new books about horseback riding and all equestrian sports (except for disabled people). There are also ephemeras (catalogues, brochures, periodicals, programmes, etc.), some printed matter and photos and a few books about dogs, cattle and agriculture. We have delivered many thousand books to tens of thousand gatherers, librarians, horsemen on horseback and ladies all over the globe.

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Horse have an incredible capacity to emphasize a person's character. It will help you understand how your personalities affect and influence your relationships with your horse in your world. Dr. Juli Lynch has developed a system to identify the individual person in relation to the horse. Thrilling message is that the persona is not defined.

So if you realise that your present character is not working for the results you want with your pony, you can work to make it work. Because of their sincerity, however, they will react immediately to these changes. Dr. Juli Lynch is an experienced equestrian teacher, writer, author, orator, psychologicalist and former pro sportsman who has driven U.S. Navy SEALS teams of equestrian athletes through Argentina and Australia.

An Advanced Approved Epona Instructor, she leads Personality of Horsemanship workshop at her farms in North Wisconsin and around the globe. The end of each section is an excercise that you can integrate into your equine lives to strengthen your bond at cardiac altitude and see the equine as a gateway to your own souls.

Full of true stories and tools to enrich your trip with the horses, this e-book takes you on an exciting trip with the hearts and souls of the horses to explore your most glorious self. You will also find practical ways to broaden your relation with horses. Ordering an e-book online - HERE!

Had someone a year ago said to me that my history of the archeotypes of equestrian art would be recorded in a novel with brief tales about equestrianism and our way to relate to them, I would have smiled and said, "I don't have enough writing time". I was able to add to this lovely compilation of tales about people on their way to sensible relations with equines.

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