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The NTEC offers a complete program of riding lessons for beginners, advanced and advanced riders in the DFW area. Hosts some of the country's most renowned horse shows. Committed to providing physical, learning and recreational opportunities through therapeutic riding lessons for children and adults with special needs.

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Surrounded by 360 hectares of enclosed land, 4 Winds offer you and your horses a relaxing and welcoming environment and every kind of equestrian facility. In addition, we offer a switch and switch services every week and can support you with veterinary and blacksmith trips so that you have more free space for the "little things in life" such as work, home and work.

Magnificent countryside, together with superb facilities, provides a great setting for horseback rides or working with your own or other 4 Winds team. But we also appreciate the fact that as a border crosser you may just want to relax and ride your horses. Traversed by well-developed paths, 4 Winds is a showcase of the magnificent countryside in downtown New Mexico.

Our pension offers you the possibility to choose between boxes with large slopes, poddock or grazing boards as well as the professional supervision of your horse by anĀ  experienced team. The large outdoor stadium offers year-round horseback rides, and the estate has excellent hiking paths. Only a few minutes away by car you will find great horseback rides in Manzano and the Sandia Mountains.

There are also special catering facilities, which include health care for the recovery of the animals, foal and holiday catering - all for one or two animals or for your whole family. Boarder routinely call veterinarians and blacksmiths can be made by employees, and your animal can participate on a weekly basis (additional charges for special service).

All Horse Riding Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

Wellcome to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, where you will find Everything Equestrian. Los Angeles Equestrian Center provides full snowboarding facility with full scale entrance from our grounds to over 50 mile of Griffith Park equestrian path. The Los Angeles Equestrian Center is favorably situated, comfortably equipped and an ideal place to mount your horses.

The Calamigos Equestrian is the perfect venue for your event: peaceful, remote yet centred in the heart of the historical beauties of Griffith Park. Our 13,000 sqm premises are suitable for weddings, conferences, special banquets, fund raisers and corporate picnics. Los Angeles Equestrian Center is one of the most diverse venues near the big studio!

An appealing and professional multi-purpose venue in Southern California with everything a venue shooting could expect - and more.

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