Equestrian Christmas Gift Ideas

Riding Christmas Gift Ideas

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Thanksgiving is a remote reminder for us Canadians, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday, who are starting a bunch of Christmas shoppings for our southern buddies, it's Christmas season now! Our list is full of horse articles for many riders like myself. However, for the typical gift provider, it can be a tremendous challenge to choose the right one.

In order to help all your non-horse mates, I've put together a Top 10 gift leader at $20! There is nothing to be done incorrectly with bridles, and they are very much in demand at the moment. Just go to any equestrian shop and you are sure to find one that is suitable for the rider in your lifetime.

Delicacies on horseback are child's play! They are not only a simple sock or gnome gift for your rider, but also a precious horseman! If you are looking for something to wear, you should consider buying one of these stockings. Nobody loves to ride with your bare hand or toes!

Soxes: socks: Maybe just me, but I just loves stockings! Bootsocks are just too adorable, and you can get anything from cups to grumpy cat! As a younger person, I liked to get a new horse diary every Christmas. There are many topics, from training to game, so you will easily find a topic that suits the rider in your lifetime.

I' ve recently had a chat with some girl in my shed and we all have one thing in common: our palms are not too wet! Sadly, it is a danger associated with staying outdoors in the icy coldness and only in the shed in general. It is a little more tricky, and you may need some ideas if you are not a horse yourself, but I always like to get new paintbrushes.

When you' re not fortunate enough to be living either in the sun or in Florida in summer (every horseman dreams), you need something to keep your ear hot on these cold winters! Tags like Kerrits, Joules, etc. have some really sweet (and affordable) treasures! Things can be tough to find nice attachments to carry to the shed you don't mind getting a tip messy, so I suggest either straps with engraved leathers (sorry, these can go over $20), some nice straps or for the banger in all of us, the Bone Beast Wristband from my stable kid.

If you are looking for a pair of scarfs that are designed to fit your needs, there are plenty of Horny themed/print scarfs on the store right now, and they are really simple to find. For my part, I really adore eternity scarfs, but Greenhawk has some really sweet horses, dogs and zebras pressure scarfs for under $20 too! Keep up for more horse-like gift ideas!

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