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As one of the leading horse shops in Redcar and Cleveland for riding equipment of well-known brands, we also have a horse release area. We are wholesalers and only deliver to the horse trade. EQUESTRIAN CEILING END OF LINE! Are you looking for riding and stable equipment by brand name at sale prices? In our shop you will find all your needs from stable floors to the latest riding trends, such as riding gear and clothing, veterinary and forging supplies, nutritional supplements, health products and much more.


I.. Nicely stylish "antique" look Honey Crystal CURVED headband on brown FU brown h.... Manufactured with Certif... Breathtakingly made jackets, these are simply wonderful to carry. Funny carrot and horse stockings child sizes 32 (7-11) pink or blue... Popular Thelwell comic pictures on these sweet toys! The letter says " SQUEAK SQUEAK, New .... Crystal Open Front Tendon Boots with Velcro closure in vinyl look... The Gelert Softshell Ladies Cardigan is great for cold outdoors!

This ladies Hac Tac Soft Shell Jacket has a light weight design that is perfect for deploying....

Riding clothes, shoes and equestrian clothes

ArdMoor works with reputable vendors to offer everything they and their horses need for the rider and owner of the horses. We have everything in one place, from riding clothes to a great pair of riding shoes for the road, so you can easily explore our amazing cavalry.

Everything you need for yourself, your horses and the stables, the fields and the farm, make sure you buy today on-line at ArdMoor Equestrian. Should you require further information on any of the articles in our equestrian section, please do not hesistate to contact a member of our equestrian staff.

Riding clothing, rider division wholesale, riding clothing accessories

MOQ delivers and payment terms: antibacterial breathing polyamide webbing ? fleece padded with ? fabric padding Elastic ated crotch design allows the elastic to move with the horse's movement righting? webbing deep cuts from the initial "buster pattern" webbing for removable back of the neck quick releases on the front of the Self carpet webbing safety reflex stripes on the front of the Self carpet webbing,

The carpets are international in size, measuring the carpet from the front of the breast to the back. For the new styles (which have higher necklines for a better fit) it is advisable to order the specified dimensions to prevent interference.

When you do not have an available carpet to take measurements, you can take your measurements. Measurements should be taken from the center of the animal's breast (where the front of the carpet would meet), around the shoulders and along the side of the equine in a continual line to the tip of the tip of the tail. 3.

Conversely, there is a general size guideline, but it can differ according to the race of the animal and its particular characteristics... we can give you special tips on how to get the best possible fitting for your animal. Your horse's measurement: The most crucial reading is the length - read from the center of the horse's breast to the back of the torso (directly from the caudal dock).

Secondly, take measurements from the withers to the wharf. From the front of the withers (where you want the top of the carpet to begin), take the measurements for the collar and walk down the shoulders to a point that corresponds to the top of the breast (where you want the front of the carpet to reach this point).

In the ideal case you should also take the measurement of the cross between these two line segments to indicate how open the section should be. And do you anticipate that the stallion will continue to thrive? Riding apparel, riding clearance wholesaler, riding apparel accessories appreciation picture: The ordering procedure for riding apparel, riding clearance wholesaler, riding apparel supplies: It is a fully customized package, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you create the truly stunning painting you have in mind. Our services are designed to meet your specific needs.

With a tailor-made sevice we can produce a singular single person or even a singular crew picture as it was created for one of our customers shown here. Concerning our production equestrian clothes, equestrian clearance wholesaler, equestrian accessories: There are 4 of our own production facilities for the entire delivery process. All our equestrian apparel, equestrian handling wholesaler, equestrian apparel accessories are environmentally products: For all information about equestrian apparel, equestrian handling wholesaler, equestrian apparel accessories, please feel free to inquire.

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