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Ladies Ovation riding clothes such as breeches, show shirts, riding boots or show coats. Riidng Ovation women's clothing for quality at great prices. Wear the right clothes for your riding lesson. Riding clothes LITEX > Polo menĀ“s Racing T-shirt.

Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Isabella Full Grip Breeches

Manufactured from our own cool "soft-touch" weave - like our best-selling Sarafina Breech - with the same smooth fit as our super-popular Champion Full-Seat Breech. This is the perfect show top - traditionally sealed but with funny printings on the inside to show your person! Developed for the advanced driver, with low ascent and silicon elbow handle.

Manufactured from Softtouch?, a high-tech micro-PU material, for maximum wearing comforts. Sarah is the quintessential show top - traditionally studded, but with funny, limit NYC printed on the inside of the crunchy interwoven neck and sleeves - both with easy-to-close snap fasteners.

$40,000 Teen Innovation Networks with Rider Clothes

The fundraiser for 16-year-old Autumn Siliato has turned into a thriving store that has earned the equestrian clothing designers more than $40,000 in less than a year. Siliato, a showjumper living in New Jersey, wanted to go to Florida with her relatives for a whole months to present her showpiece.

But when her father said he would only be paying for a months response by starting her on-line business in desires of financing the journey, she said. Clothing is handcrafted in California, with Siliato hand-picked styles, fabrics and collars. She tries to make the clothes sold to different barn, making them one-of-a-kind for these places.

"Lots of folks, they see it and they like it because nobody in the equestrian industry can create their own shirts," she said.

Horse riding - Riding apparel - Fawbush's

Fawbush's has been equipping the female designer for over forty years. We have a wide selection of clothing for work, travelling, walking in the city or just for the weekend. It is an exquisite blend of domestic and international design that will provide the look you want. Whether you' re stylish and refined or fashionable and laid-back, Fawbush's has it all.

It is easy to browse our website and orders placed during the week are shipped within 24hrs.

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