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Take a look at our fine selection of elegantly styled jackets, shirts and accessories that make a splash in the equestrian ring! Horseriding wear for these periods of the year Which color breeches do I use? Am I wearing long or shorts? To get a complete overview of the right clothing for your horse, have a look at the Handbook of Rules. The Advanced Medium Test (including FEI Junior Tests) can be introduced by wearing a brief cardigan or sweetcoat that must be black in color.

Colourful tweeds are not permitted. Wear a properly bound shaft and a blanket, neck or top and necktie with either a pair of breeches in either tan, ivory or satin. Boot are either in the same color as the coat or they can be long or they can be full-grain. Leggings made of the same type of leathers as the boot can be used.

Glove must be used. Click here for a complete overview of what can and cannot be wore at the associated show jumping tests for young horses. Basically you can wear either old or new style coats in the show ring, as long as they are not the colors of the UK team (dark blu with central neck and yellow edging, union flags in the chest pockets).

Shortsleeves or long-sleeved jackets can be used and must be either bright pastels or whites for women. Wear a long or long sleeve when not wearing a coat. The jodhpurs must be either beige, blue, yellow teal or red. Jodhpurs or long ridingboots can be used.

Clothing is more difficult than training and show jumps, as it varies from grade to grade. The visual image is taken into account in the labelling of tournaments, much more than in the case of training and show jumps. For the British Show Pony Society information page, click here.

Wearing navy and twisted coats is more common, with twisted coats complementing the color of the horses. It is now the right moment to prepare for the competition! UK dressage and jumping hats must comply with new regulations, have a sleek black color and the helmet must be safely attached.

A velvety cap is used for the representation. Caps are not allowed in Cross Country, a headgear must be used and if a shield is preferable, a cap can be used. Above shown are the Charles Owen Adults AXRBRUSH HAD BLACK and the Champion Junior CPX3000 SVH.

Horseware Ladies EMBELLLED COMPETITION BCD is a sleek, ultra-styled, low weight cardigan shaped like a gloved one. It is a great material for the ultimative movements, ideal for jumps, because it contains a great deal of motion in the thigh. A diamond-studded neck gives the coat a hint of glamour and dazzles you in the ring.

Huntingdon Shires is one of our mid-range jackets. These classical double cardigan is a true eye-catcher. Manufactured from high grade 100% virgin woollen weed. Comfortable show top/shirt is indispensable during the competition. Irritant clothing can distract you from the job. In events such as events or jumps with lots of motion and high speeds, controlling the temperatures is a must.

Shires Ladies Stick Collar is available in sleeve-less, long and shirtless styles and is a handy show top made of performative-strretch material. The correct bound shaft is a great complement to any dressage/jumping attire. Apply some shine with a diamond stick pins, a must for any competition attire.

Complement the color that runs through your sweater and look gorgeous in the show ring. The most widespread riding trousers in the world of training and jumping are made up of black riding trousers that can be combined with any coloured coat. In competition, the ultimative wearing of riding trousers is indispensable. Manufactured from Meryl Sport Fabric, they blend like a second layer and the Dri-Lex Ex® legs ensure a sleek cut, ideal for long shoes.

Saxon Warm Up Sticker Junghpurs are the ideal solution for those who compete on a tight budgets. This breeches with full trimming are long-lasting and intelligent enough to be wore at competition. Whatever your budgets, we have a boot for every taste. Brogini Ladies Rovello ridingboots are for those with a bigger price.

The Rovello boot is made of the best possible quality leathers. The Rovello boot has a distinctive blackened look, an elastic zipper cover, an sleek look and spore pads that shine in the spotlight. The Horze Spirit Ladies Rover Tall Series is a wonderfully stylish choice for those on a smaller budgets.

Perfect for day-to-day use, these man-made ridingboots are intelligent enough to look as great as the more costly trade show choices. Rover shoes are characterized by a suede-like inner bone and a smooth and elastic lace-up-style. One comfortable glove can make or crack your competition, a too thick glove will interfere with your ride, they must match like a glove.

Glove is indispensable is dressage technique and knows is the most frequent option. Show jumpers are prone to tilt towards Braun or Chamois, while show jumpers usually select a color that suits their jackets. It is important to look clean and orderly at every competition, especially when it comes to your coat. Hairs that are not well bound back when jumping can be very disturbing and looks untidy in training and jumping.

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