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Equestrian sports offers on black friday purchasing

There was no better way, the stores were full and prepared, and the buyers were sneaking for a bargain on Black Friday. Owned by the Silver Spur Equestrian Emporium (561-798-6651), Chris Burwell had shelves with softly used show jerseys, pants and coats, all shapes and colours, prices from $1 to $20, $95 off calipers and $25 to $35 on mules.

It has been in the same site for 12 years, 160 Business Park Way, Suite 2, in Royal Palm Beach. and shelves in front of the shop at Wellington Plaza, 12773 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 109. And the place was full of buyers looking through helms, harnesses, bits, tibia boot, braces, wraps, halter, half caps, saddlecloths, Martingale and clothes-stands.

The Dover Saddlery (561-422-2025), 11120 S. Crown Way in Wellington, sold a select range of products due to its wide selection of turning points, sturdy accessories and ridingwear. You had a small pens with two miniatures, desks with T-shirts to sell and a group of enthusiast Volunteers. Then there was the largest selling of all, the Tackeria's yearly Thanksgiving week-end blogout.

On 13501 South Shore Blvd. in Wellington (561-793-2012), the shop was virtually full to overflowing. Theraplatte, Acuhorse and Equine Choice sellers had front display, and there were side stands of excess stock such as screens, reins, holders, hats, coats, blankets, brushs, trousers and ankle-warmers. Lou Cuthbertson was as occupied as a long-legged kitty in a room full of rockers.

It was all on offer at the store: 15% of bit, bridle and stirrup bars; 20% of horsemeat, hats, helmets, holders, leading knits and mittens; 25% of trousers and harvests; and 10% of everything else.

Olympic Equestrian Games Greatest moment


They have been proclaimed the four greatest equestrian event ever held at the Olympics. So what's your biggest rider torque? Rainer Klimke holds the medal for the most times a medal has been won in equestrian competitions. Equestrian for the Federal Republic of Germany, he won 1964 crew gilt, 1968 on Dux, 1976 on Mehmed, 1984 and 1988 on Ahlerich and 1984 again on Ahlerich the single silver.

In 1952, the Dane equestrian Lis Hartel was the first woman to take part in equestrianlympics. Hartel, paralyzed by a polio from the down knee, took home a sterling coin. Australia Goldmedal winning squad. The little equestrian not only competed against each other, but also took home with his owner/rider Marion Mould (née Coakes) an individually awarded Spring-Silver medal from the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.

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