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Since her youth Doris Ganton has been riding in the Ottawa Valley in the east of Canada for show and leisure activities. Podro Torres -- DVD Training & Working - New! Quinta manages the "Quinta do Cedros" riding facility near Lisbon as a free-lance training and work consultant.

Horse training is the foundation for the right kind of horse back training, and the same goes for Pedro Torres, champion of working equestrian sport. Progressive cleaning techniques with Al Dunning brand new DVDs! There' s no other progressive cleaning disc that puts it all together like this! DVDs with sophisticated cleaning techniques.

Learn how to take a trained young rider to Reininging and how to further enhance and shine that skill. Maior Paul Stecken skillfully supports Klimke in further ing his education in show jumping. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION FOR HORSES VOL. 3: The 6 year old with integrated CLIMATE. With a living equine, plus full-color musculoskeletal graphic.

Ride samples show their points. The first two DVDs take the viewer to several Buck Brannaman hospitals to teach important basic skills, including: tensing, guiding, haltering, bridle work, saddles, backup, circular and semicircular work, using the banner, and strengthening. lf hours could talk to Could speakers, we would like to invite you to interview professionals, vets and graduates who are specialized in studying the equine body and how cavalry professionals can best work with the rider and not against him.

The return to the fundamentals is important in all driving sports. And as Tom says: "We have to work with these stallions as individual. First Carole will show you how to use patience, endurance and praise (the 3 "P's") to build the foundations to teach your stallion tips. Next, you'll see how to make an impression on your buddies with your purse thief, who knows how to take a handkerchief out of your purse and waves hello.

For over 23 years, Wendy Murdoch, an international equestrian writer, trainer and clinical practitioner, has been teaching her pupils how to do what great horsemen do in a natural way. Featuring all 18 excerpts from the 9th series of the Canada Dramas, Heartland, a family-run Rocky Mountain ranch devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating sick and ill dogs, is a great place to be.

Pureing fundamental with Al Dunning / New lowest prices! You will learn how to create a reinforcing perspective by dividing the workout into simpler sessions. With this information everyone can instruct his horses the basics of how to rein! Are you looking for an easy-to-understand equine exercise movie with straightforward technique that works with any equine?

Slushy swamps, wet rainfalls and malicious storms have an impact on horseback riding, saddling and the fearless Cowboys riding them. Hands-on work, Part 1: The fundamentals of a horse are like children: Careful and gentle handling of a horse at an early stage will develop its innate athletic and charismatic quality, which will enable the horse to reach the full extent of "perfection" in later workouts.

George Morris's D-RESSAGE FOR MUMPERS. It'?s a meeting of Master George Morris for education. George uses his level and fence system in this unit to create a relaxing, smooth and alert mate. Watch this video to see how Richard Hinrichs, a renowned education specialist, shows how his education programme creates confidence, obeisance and equilibrium in the equestrian world from the bottom up.

Based on these answers, he designed a system in which the equine person takes part in the equine processes by showing the performer where the stress has built up, how much stress is needed to relieve it, and when it was relieved. Hands-on work for young stallions part 2 with Fritz Stahlecker DVDs!

Hands-on work for young Dressurpferde part 2 part 2 part 2: Intermediate work Fritz Stahlecker Pferde are like children: Careful and gentle handling of your stallion at an early stage will develop its inherent athletic and charismatic skills, which will enable the stallion to achieve the full extent of "perfection" in later workouts. Ranging from the mincing to the two rains, to the raising in the harness, you will see how they make a horsemeat as liquid as silk.

George uses his level and fence system in this unit to create a relaxing, smooth and alert horse mate. Contains 2 of George Morris's most beloved video clips. Section 2: Sally Swift uses her technique for seated trotting, circling, cantering, side work and jump.

In contrast to conventional coaches, Sally does not believe in enforced exercise technique that leads to rigid body and tight driving. Classic dressage part 2 with Philippe Karl DVD FIRE NEW! Known worldwide as a rider teacher, coach and writer. The second part of this DVD presents Philippe Karl's gymnastics exercise to promote the education of the horses.

It presents the twin bridles as an important tool for intermediate gymnastics work.

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