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If you use Walsh riding equipment, we become part of your team. Return to the complete equipment list. The leading equestrian shop in Ireland sells a wide range of equestrian equipment.

Horse equipment and clothing

If you are driving, it is important to select the right standard equipment, the important security equipment that will keep you safe in the event of an incident. The equestrian sport sometimes carries certain inherent dangers, but we can do a great deal to reduce the chances of injury and crash. It is one thing to learn to deal with and appreciate the horses, and the choice of the right protection equipment is another.

While you don't need the latest equipment or custom apparel and footwear to drive, it is often simpler to use apparel and footwear that the industry has designed specifically for this use. The choice of the right lingerie can actually help to improve your driving style.

Slip and panties should preferentially have no stitches that can grate against you when you sit in the back. It' simple to get warmed up when horse backpacking or working in the stable. It' good to have clothing that is smooth and tight because large and loosely fitted clothing is not advisable because it makes you awkward and it is more difficult for the teacher to see how you actually sit.

Hooded coats should be easy to remove, as hood can cause an accident if they get caught in knots, e.g. when you are out and about. Jodhpurs are a good match, reducing the risks of blistering and, according to the materials, can also help to improve fitting and have more rigidity in the back.

The jodhpurs are slightly narrower to avoid wrinkles that can lead to blistering. Sutures on the jodhpurs are also placed where they do not cause any inconvenience. Jodhpurs can be made of different fabrics - it is common to use different types of material - cottons, polyesters, micropolyamides and elastanes. The jodhpurs can be made as full seated, kneed or fully padded jodhpurs.

Fully-fitted pants usually offer a better hold on the backgauge, while many folks have the feeling that they penetrate more deeply into the backgauge with either padded or kneeper pants. Jodhpurs are intended for wearing with ridingboots, but are now also used with horse trekking footwear and high heels.

If you have breeches, they are carried with saddlebags. Breeches are slightly more straight and slightly broader at the bottom, many also have a loop under the feet to avoid the trousers legs slipping up when sitting on the vault.

They are a convenient and easy to wear jodhpurs, you can also take them off and put them on when you sit on your horses. Thermo-trousers are also available for use indoors. They can be worn over jodhpurs or just over thermo-legging.

Thermoriders have the advantage over regular saloettes in that they are usually fitted with zippers that extend along the entire length of the leg, which makes it easy to put on and take off, and that they usually sit fully so that you have a better hold on the pad.

The use of mittens when working with the horses or in the stable is a good protection for your hand. It' really simple to "burn" your hand on the holster belt when you're guiding a steed trying to get away. Three fingers are a good glove for ski.

There may be times when you need additional help with your ride; spores and lashes are available in a variety of different shapes and styles to fit both you and the rider. No spores or lashes are meant to penalize the horses, but serve to reinforce or clarify your auxiliaries. Avoid leaving your protection equipment in the direct sunlight, e.g. in a vehicle, as the sun's radiation can influence the materials inside the unit.

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