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Children riding cap made of silk fat pony hat covers for younger riders. Chuck Owen Rain Cover Riding Cap Lge. You can get the look you need with many different hat silks and glasses to choose from. Zock's helmet cover from Ovation. This is Charles Owen Hampton Riding Hat.


Available in rose and marine blues, oranges and marine blues and powders and navies. Hi Viz Hi Viz ridinghat tape with reflex stripes. Navavy, Deep Purple, Black & Red. The elastic sides of this reflecting hat strap fits over your hat and a reflecting stripe on a green cloth improves your view.

Winter helmet cover

This is the ideal accessoire to make you feel good even on the colder days of the year. SPADEX covers adapt to almost all types and dimensions of helmets and provide winter-friendly aeration. It covers the throat, cheek and jaw and is simple to use and fully reclinable with a Velcro pad.

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Chuck Owen Pro II Ventilated Skull Helmet Cover

With a fully meshed middle section, you get unlimited air flow into the ventilation openings of your Comfort II Helm. Coming in several vivid colours, the Comfort II skullcap is a great way to showcase your own personal touch. The sizes are given in the table above.

Sealskinz 100% waterproof hats | Halo Waterproof Helmet Cover | Thermal & Waterproof Hats

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Built-in a high power built-in high power illuminator on the back of a high power, water resistant 360 degrees reflection pressure hood that improves low lighting conditions, making it perfect for street and commute use.

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Straightforward "generic medieval" equestrian gown often comprises fashionable britches and ankle boot, which are used with a sleeve, a tuningic or a plain outfit. The upgrade of the tunica or gown to partially coloured cote hardies refines the look without great expense, as does the upgrade of contemporary equestrian shoes to something more contemporary, high heels, as they are offered by SCA boots.

Remember that if you are adding more strata than you are used to ride in everyday life, you need to exercise and practise, especially if you are adding armour. There were different histories and different crops, but almost all ages and places where SCA covers used horse for transport.

However, although they are important for everyone (and necessary for minors), they are a clear distraction from an otherwise beautiful mediaeval visual. Just like a plain valance for your equine, a plain shell should be part of your outfit. Plain colored Lykra covers (such as the Troxel Lykra shell cover) are an economical basis for the decoration of your shell.

Epithelial fitzPatrick's likra case has a two-tone torso and coat like that of her family. The attachment of the torso to the shell of the shell not only increases the safety of the shell, but also allows a quick attachment or removal of the shell for those who do not want to use the shell only for SCA-adventure.

Above Mistress Ellen du Grandchamp has constructed a splendid early days hardhat around a fashionable jockey-hat. Lilias de Cheryngton has wrapped her hat in a rollaway cowl, while Lord Micheal has put a Mongol hat over his helme. Covers for Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick's torse and covering are in two parts.

First, two filled woven hoses are designed which are about 1" in size and a few inches longer than the perimeter of the crest. Sheathing can be made as a separate sheet, but Eleanor favors a three-piece sheet so that it does not pull on her shoulder when she turns her scarf.

When the curtain parts are designed, they are stitched by sewing by hand onto the door, as shown on the green/yellow kit, and glued to a latex hatch.

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