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Has Silk Add a Name/ Riding Club. D├ętails ansehen - AUBRION Meadowlands Cross Country Hat Cover. Rider hat covers Once you have found a bridle-hat that looks and feel good, you will want to take good charge of it. However, there are periods when you want to give your equestrian hat a little more custom. That' s why we have a whole range of hat caps to do just that.

We are here to meet all your rider needs, and our hat caps are a prime example. We have a selection of hat caps for equestrian sports, suitable for all style trends and budget. Our velvet crest coverings offer an excellent price-performance ratio. These velvety skullcap cases are available in shiny reds, plums, roses or blacks and are designed to stand out from the rest and protect the look of your equestrian hat.

You will also find a choice of single sized monochrome and cushioned equestrian hats suitable for most equestrian caps as they are made of stretched cycling. The simple hat cover ings for equestrian sports are very appreciated because they keep the caps safe and also help to avoid knocks and scrapes during use.

This subdued colour is also excellent as a hat cover for equestrian sports. Besides mature hat caps we also have beautiful hat caps for children. Horseware embroidered children's hat is a funny pattern with contrast rose and turquoise panel. Speckled embroideries also provide a lovely and slanted border, making it suitable for young horsemen who are just beginning to ride.

You' ll be amazed by our broad selection and our affordability, so go shopping now!

Safety equipment for equestrian sports - hat-silk and covers

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