Equestrian Helmet Brim

Brim riding helmet

Sun-protected wide edge hats for riding helmets. Since Brim riding helmet visor trailer. full brimmed helmet caps. Conceived to be attached to your helmet to minimize ultraviolet radiation, this helmet shades your face like a regular brimmed cap and fits all riding hats. Today, protecting your helmet is a must, as is protecting it from the insolation.

That' s why we have used both.

Because I have my own passion for equestrianism and cannot find anything there that could offer me solar shading when I wear my helmet, I have created this one.

Because Brim Equestrian helmet shields

You will be enchanted by the look of these Da Brim Equestrian Hendurance Helmet visors, but the features will tempt you. However, the performance of this sight is really brilliant. 360° shadow around your helmet. This brim has a wide UPF50 solar shading and is rain-repellent. Remains on your helmet and the high-quality design of the brim retains its form.

They all have a dark lower edge. It is not necessary to modify your helmet. Suitable for almost any helmet. Velcro closure bag makes it possible to pass over a hard helmet or helmet without face shield. It weighs approx. 5.1-ounce and is NOT supplied with the helmet. Smaller, daintier-sized also available on this site - for smaller mounted drivers and/or draughty condition. valued at UPF 50+, the ultimative sunscreen, and blocking 97.5% of ultraviolet rays. amount of cover and begins at 25yph ( (min), continuing to 35yph ( (center), and up (max). brim ( (3), Da Brim has the choices you need. take what mom tosses at you.

The best price on the Da Brim Endurance Rim

BevCompton, AR United States 1 of 1 individuals found the following review helpful: Please click here: Lovin' that brim! I use it to shade my face, my throat and my shoulder to keep me cool and the candles out. Wish this had come out years ago when I began to wear a helmet.

When I recognized my death and went to a helmet, I was missing my one. Did you find this rating useful? HOWEVER, 1 of 1 customers found the following review helpful:

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