Equestrian Helmet Sizing

Riding helmet size

How can I buy uvex riding helmets or spare parts for my uvex products? What is the right helmet size for my head? M Members, parents and volunteers as a control to find a helmet that fits properly. Fitting a riding helmet. A well-fitting riding helmet is a must, whether for leisure riders or show riders.

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Dimensioning of your helmet: To get an impression of the height you are looking for, you should check the perimeter of your orbit. Please see this table to find your Tipperary helmet sizes (Sportage 8500, Titan 9000 & T Series T4 & T2):

Helm Fit: The new helmet should touch without any bruises on the helmet surface. The helmet froth can thus adapt to the form of the helmet tip. The helmet is correctly adjusted without excess up and down motion (swings) on the helmet heads, with the front lining slightly padded over the brows.

The helmet's excess swinging is the consequence of a casual fitting. This helmet should be on the helmet and the front liners are padded one fingerbreadth above the brows. Typerary realizes that each skull has a different height or form. That' is why Tipperary helmets come with two different shoe heights of detachable rubber pads to create a custom fitting for your skull.

Extra parts of foams can be placed under the liners to provide an individual fitting. When extra cushioning is needed to ensure a more snug and safe seat, read the diagram of the fitting PAD in the instruction booklet that comes with the Tipperary helmet you are trying on.

Adjusting the Helmet Chine straps: Incline the down thongs of the helmet to the front to properly place the clasp under the pine (slightly forward of the neck). If the chinstrap is placed under the helmet, the chinstrap should be set so that the tab can place at least two hands under the thong.

SEI has chosen the ASTM F1163 norm for riding helms to assess the helmet's performances. They are all ASTM/SEI certified. If you have struck your helmet in a crash, do so. Change your helmet every 5 years.

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