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Horse riding lessons

The Los Angeles Equestrian Center is an excellent place to mount your horse. First riding lesson Have a look at the riding teacher Elaine Schott, what awaits you during your first riding class. Irrespective of your riding ability, your first riding class is an exhilarating one. This is Elaine Schott from River Mountain Farmd discussing what to dress, how to handle a steed for the first time, how to take good charge of a steed, how to ride it and how to take charge of the steed or fringe after class.

For more information about hunting and show jumps, please see the pages of the United States Junter Association and US Equestrian's homes, Hunter/Springsitzsport and School. She is a riding teacher at the River Mountain Farm in Versailles, Kentucky, with more than 35 years of riding expertise. Well-known horsemen include her daugther Callie Schott as well as Ali Cibon, Amber Siegelman, Tara Bramblett and Lindsay Kendall.

She is a member of the executive committee of the Kentucky Hunter Jumper Association. She is a United States Hunter Jumper Association accredited instructor, and is also the USHJA Youth Committee vice-chairwoman and implementation of the organization's Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Program. It is also a member of the USHJA Zone 5 Jumper Committee.

Schott trained the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association of the University of Kentucky for several years, among many other parts. For more information about Elaine Schott and River Mountain Farm, please go to River Mountain Farm or join Facebook and Instagram. The center is exclusively offered as an information and education center for US equestrian sports members.

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We focus our riding programme on eventing and horse-driving. There are many group courses and semi-private or individual riding lessons can be arranged according to your wishes. There is a children's horse programme and a year-round college riding programme during the year. You will soon find out as you read about our teachers that we have some of the best riding lessons available.

For those who are not owner of owners, high-quality training ponies are available (unfortunately we do not hire ponies for rides). Situated in the Santa Monica Mountains, Mill Creek is encircled by kilometres of bridle paths. We have a nice, well-kept complex in the Old Topanga Canyon on twenty-eight hectares in the shade of wood.

Although Mill Creek seems to be a remote corner of the globe, it is only a brief journey from practically all parts of Los Angeles County, especially West Los Angeles and all Westside, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, San Fernando Valley and South Bay. MILLE Creek is a full-service snowboarding and education center.

Most of our trainers offer extensive equine education. Mill Creek is one of California's premier stables due to our outstanding educational programme. Versatility or combination riding, which encompasses all aspects of equestrianism, show jumps and cross-country riding, has always been a favourite in Europe and has become more and more important in the USA.

MILLEK Creek participants have travelled to all the important California horses and have won several hundred single and dozen league titles. Also on the dressage arena our pupils have become powerful fighters. We also usually hold two shows a year on the premises, for our own class.

Horsemen of horsemen and trained ponies are very welcome. The Mill Creek programme is complemented by the accommodation of top professional-led hospitals. A lot of equestrian celebrities have been to Mill Creek in recent years.

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