Equestrian Jumping Boots

Jumping boots for equestrian sports

Classy jumping boot made of full-grain, soft calfskin. U.S. Equestrian runs numerous programs for show jumpers of all levels. Carbon Gel Tendon Boots.

Heighted boots influence the performance of show jumpers. Romani Open Front Jump Boots.

Horse riding and jumping boots

The Caribu has a series of specially developed tendons and ankle boots - perfect to give your horses the help and shelter they need in the jumping or training arena. Have a look at our assortment below. Enthusiastic about my caribou blankets. Before last year' s hibernation I bought a big carpet for my young and also an unpadded one.

Heighted boots affect the performances of show jumpers. - PUBMED

The purpose of this trial was to investigate the effect of weighed boots on a horse (n=6) jumping over a 1.25 metre long oxcerrier. They had similar experiences in horse riding and were divided into two groups of three disciplines (groups G1 and G2). They all jumped 10 times: The G1 made experiments 1-5 without boots and 6-10 with boots; the G2 made experiments 1-5 with boots and 6-10 without boots.

The performance of the horse was not different in the level, but there were significant variations in the level. Each horse reached a significantly higher height with the weighed boots (1.60 m) than without the boots (1.46 and P

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