Equestrian Liquidation

Liquidation in equestrian sports

IV Horse Ltd, based in Aberdeenshire, has gone into liquidation. Liquidation sale in equestrian sports....


Well, I got away with a very pretty cowhide belt. Extremely smooth leathers and locomotives very good if not a name I knew. You had bolt-belts by the same folks for £69 which I think, and those were quite cute which I thought as well. A few cute gravel pickets (same brand again) for £69 each and the basic material they always have (numnahs/travelboots/ drugs etc.).

The jodhpurs are child sized (note that the 16 year old 176 is equivalent to a large 8 to a small 10 size) and some men. There are no women's heights in the Euros.

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June 27, 2013.

June 27, 2013. In further session the classic equestrian instructor Sylvia Loch and the internationally renowned participant Miguel Ralao Duarte will talk about the difference between the education of young sports horse and the education of youngsters. June 26, 2013. So far Will I'Anson of British Horse Feeds has collected 6,600 pounds for the CRY (Cardiac Risik in the Young) by taking the infamous Ironman Trophy in Nice, Southern France on Sunday.

"I sincerely thank all the commerce that has supported me and the message of assistance that has supported me," said Will. June 26, 2013. Jemma has 16 years of distribution background and expertise in riding, pets and horticulture. June 26, 2013. June 25, 2013. Last Wednesday Your Horses Live was voted Consumer Event of the Year 2013 at the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) Awards in London.

At the BETA Business Awards 2011, the Joules Equestrian Events of the Year took up the show of shops and celebrities show. "We' d like to thank all our current and former exhibiting companies who have helped make Your Horse live the stunning experience it is," said Emma Bedford of the exhibition proprietor, Bauer Media.

Your Horses Live this year will take place on 9 and 10 November in Stoneleigh. Organizers reported that advance booking has increased by 233% compared to the previous year and the booth is almost fully occupied. June 24, 2013. IV Horse Ltd, Aberdeenshire, has gone into liquidation. After ETN approached the producer and wholesale dealer of upholstery, carpets, accessoires and care items, a spokesperson refused to speak beyond the confirmation of "voluntary liquidation".

IV horse was founded in 2003 and purchased the West Yorkshire equestrian clothing company from Elizabeth Greenwood, which continues to operate it under its Greenwood name. Injection moulding also encouraged UK production by encouraging other UK manufactured product vendors to register for its UK-OK name. June 20, 2013. The light-reflecting Ambedo100 Equine and Pets is directly applied to coat or cloth.

June 20, 2013. Gloucestershire's master saddler and bridle maker was named a candidate for the 2013 Prince Philip Medal. June 19, 2013. Veterinarians from the Animal Health Trust (AHT) are asking for help with a research to evaluate the interactions between equine, riding and saddling. "Studies have shown that 25% of UK young riders have had back pain in the past and have lost some of their ability to perform.

June 18, 2013. This year' Firle Place Champion could only afford £100. June 18, 2013. Alie joined the Clipper Teas pet care supplements company, where she worked in global distribution. She' got a pony and two puppies. June 17, 2013. In the Queen's Birthday Honours 2013 Schedule, Andrew Finding, CEO of the BEF, was honoured with an OBE for merit in equestrian sport.

Born in Brailes, Warwickshire, the 62-year-old has run the UK Equestrian Federation since his nomination in 2000. Previously he was head of the British Show Jumping Association (BSJA, now British Showjumping). And Andrew has been a major contributor to ensuring the inclusion of handicapped horsemen in equestrian sports.

Mr. Benn also led the working group that described Greenwich Park as a possible site for the London application for the Olympics and Paralympics. "It' s an honour for me to be representing so many gifted and committed equestrian people," he said, commenting on his distinction. Soon Andrew Finding will lead an FEI-Roundtable, which will deal with the problem areas in stamina sports.

  • John McEwen, who has been a medical doctor for the UK show jumping and training crews for more than 30 years, received an MBE for his merits in equestrianism. June 12, 2013. June 12, 2013. The commemoration of the birth of John Ayres will take place on Friday 21 June at 13.30 on the Chepstow circuit.

Finest Brands International and Champion Manufacturing Ltd. co-founder and president passed away last Tuesday 4 June. ohn was a life-long horseracing fan. Shops will be closing on Friday 21 June: The finest brands International, Champion Manufacturing, John Ayres Import/Export, John Ayres Sattlerei and Proline Sports.

June 11, 2013. Under the new rules, bodyprotectors must meet BETA Level 3 (purple label) 2000 or 2009. Featuring between 1,200 and 1,500 participants currently participating in the BHS Trac, the BHS Trac, which is mainly run by UK equestrian clubs, the new scheme has enormous promise, particularly for retail traders educated in personal protection equipment.

See the full report in the June edition of ETN. June 10, 2013. June 6, 2013. Mr John Ayres, co-founder and president of Finest Brands International and Champion Manufacturing, passed away on Tuesday 4 June. John, a great believer in UK industry who worked relentlessly to improve driver health and safety, was losing his battle against cancers.

Other companies were to join, among them the helmet and personal protection company Champion Manufacturing, founded in Cardiff in 1983. In 1991 John became Principal of Finest Brands International, the home of the Toggi and Champion brand. John's expertise and devotion to the horse included motorsport and equestrianism.

June 6, 2013. June 5, 2013. Members of the UK Equestrian Trades Association who are members of the RWH will travel to Buckingham Palace next week for the Coronation Festival. "That is a huge mirror image of the top-class enterprises we are representing as a business association," said Claire Williams, Managing Partner of BusinessETA. Among the members of Friends of the Earth who will be attending the Queen's Coronation Day from 11 to 14 July are Abbey England, Bedmax Shavings, Dengie Horse Feeds, Dodson & Horrell, Barbour, Martin Collins Enterprises, Shires Equestrian and Vale Bros. The Coronation Festival is open to 60,000 visitors.

June 4, 2013. Well-known equestrian sports labels are taking part in the sponsoring of BETA International 2014 (NEC, Birmingham, 16 to 18 February). At the Horse Demonstration Arena, the Charles Owen Learning Centre is once again sponsored by the equestrian sportswear group. BETA International's long-time patron, apparel brand Caldene, will keep adding its name to the visitors' boybags.

The high-gloss Equestrian Life Magazine comes back as the second poster sponsors of exhibitors' goodwill cases. We are proud to be working with them in preparing for the 2014 show," said BETA International organizer Claire Thomas. - For more information on BETA International 2014, please call James Palmer on 01937 582111 or e-mail him at jamesp@beta-int.com.

June 3, 2013. Riders4Helmet's International Helmet Awareness Day on Saturday 22 June is supported by the retail sector. For the first official year, the BETA (British Equestrian Trades Association) is supporting this year' edition, which underlines the importance of correct, high-quality jumping beards.

"To a large extent, the goals and targets of International Helmets Awareness Day correspond to those of BETA," said Claire Williams, Managing Director General of the organisation. Charles Owen works with its dealers around the globe to provide rebates on caps bought on International Helmets Awareness Day. Antares Sellier, Champion, Gatehouse, LAS Helme (Leslie Sutcliffe) and Uvex helmets are also represented in Great Britain.

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