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First day of the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, what happened? Browse our Who's Who of equestrian sports. You are invited to visit the biggest equestrian sports book store with article and interview. Profile of the great instructors and horsemen, hospitals and courses with the best coaches. It is the only Who's Who in the equestrian industry - get to know the horsemen and wrestlers and find link to their article - and story about them.

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Today's Equestrian Magazine. About us.

Today's Equestrian appears tenfold a year and is available at saddle stalls, pet food stalls and equestrian shows in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It won an Olympian bronce and also won golden and silver at the Pan Am Games. Recently Ashley was 8th at the World Equestrian Games on her Pop Art mount.

She takes her horse riding passions and everything to do with the horse to Today's Equestrian, where she began to party about the vibrancy of the equestrian life in the Northeast. "Some of the best stallions and horse owners in the whole wide variety of the northeast are calling it their home. There should be a book that introduces all our great sportsmen and their beautiful horse from the novice to the Olympic.

" In this sense the rider of today was borne. BARBA MESSINA was the founding member and former publishing house of HorsePeople Magazine, one of the East Coast's top horse magazines from 1991 to 2001. Has also worked as a free-lance author for a number of domestic and international journals including The Chronicle of the Horse, Horseman's Yankee Pedlar, HorsePlay and Horse Directory.

But her most remarkable rĂ´le in the equestrian world was when she appeared as "Horse Show Mother Extraordinaire" in the more than ten years that her little girl Patty Messina successfully participated as a young and professional equestrian and hunting horsewoman. The Long Island Professional Horsemen's Association (LIPHA) honoured Barbara as the winner of the Virginia Rice Trophy 2011 for "exceptional, exceptional and singular achievements in equestrian sport".

Leslie, however, believes that her true aspiration to glory is to be an exceptional equestrian mother to her little Kelly throughout her youth. Readlie is based in Westfield, NJ and can be found on almost every week-end equestrian shows. Ms. Hawkins has written for a number of journals, among them a feature article for the award-winning The Litchfield County Times.

For the Love of the horse, a book collection containing heart-warming tales of equidae from all disciplines. Anne lives in Kent, Connecticut's Pferdeland. At First Edition Farm (FirstEditionFarm.com) Patty Messina is a Long Island resident coach and equestrian. Patty is an equestrian sportswoman and has kept an eyeball on the equestrian show world: her latest fashions, her human beings and her needs, which she can turn into an advertising strategy for all equestrian companies.

Well, Patty is living in Manorville, NY, with her boyfriend and two girls. From her first editing career in the 1970' s, L.A. has worked for the equestrian professionals sector, with experience in all RDI discipline, all races and horse breeding, equestrian art and story, and is the only Massachusetts photo journalist certified by both the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists and the National Sportscasters and Sports Writers Association.

Ending the twentieth centuries in collaboration with USET and the Atlanta Olympics Committee in 1996, the two-time winner of the 2008 and 2010 edition of the final of the American Horse Publication Awards is honoured to have continued to work with Olympian riders, among them current equestrian editor Ashley Holzer. L.A. also acts as the formal press link for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and provides regular imaging and word processing to some of the country's top equestrian publishers and corporations.

With more than 20 years of professional backgrounds, Greig is also a licensed thermograph with a Tier 1 certificate, specialising in horses-thermalography. Ashley Holzer's sibling, he is a greater backer of all Ashley's achievements on and off the belly.

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