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This list of horse magazines that pay is probably the most definitive collection of its kind on the Internet. Horse marekting jobs, work Fundamental rules and rules for the administration of the parks and equestrianism. Georgetown Town, Georgetown, Tel. issues on labour, social services, interview and recruitment procedures: What did you think of when you told them you worked in Georgetown, Texas? What would you do if you were responsible for Georgetown, Texas.


At least 5 years of professional experiance in the CPG sector, cooperation with clients in distribution, S&F, customer service, logistics, brand management, brand management..... 2 years in the horse or. Understanding of the principles/practices of riding programmes and acitivities with a focus on riding therapies....... Ia Polk County, Ia Labour, Benefit, Interviews and Recruitment:

How is the working and cultural setting in Polk County, IA? What would you describe the speed of work in Polk County, IA?

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Cares for and repaires parks such as edifices, promenades, fencing, toilets, shelters, stadiums, riding grounds, etc. Management of registrations and receptions at the administration office, the Mountain Center and the equestrian center of the equestrian world, planning of the team? Preparing sports and other events, incl. sports field and toilet upkeep, riding grounds, water protection areas and watering systems.....

Vacancies in horse journalism

According to our experiences; with a wide range of services. Layout of the magazine's journalistic contributions and sections for printed and electronic editions. Together with our managers and our distribution employees we produce promotional material for our customers. There is a plus for online publishing. Preferred are applicants with expertise in the equine sector and the West.

Montgomery St. Morris Media Network is an Equality Employers' Association. Would you be willing to take the equestrian sport to a new dimension and give your CV an additional push? Group, Inc. PMG, one of the world's leading PR companies, is currently looking for trainees for the 2015 advertising year.

The PMG is looking for trainees with the disciplines hunter/jumper, training and pole. Trainees have the chance to contribute to the Winter Equestrian Festival and the Global Dresden Festival as well as to report on Polish Pole Racing series. Trainees will also have the chance to work in the Phelps Media Group office to support customer advisors and their PR-customers.

Applicants should have a riding history and focus on PR, advertising, journalism or a related area. When new programmes are adopted, the Managing Director of Hunter Programmes will work in close cooperation with our voluntary and other employees, as well as the Head of Programme Development, to design and deliver these new programmes.

He also serves as a contact person for dedicated working groups, with the Hunter Working Group, and attends Hunter program meetings throughout the year, keeps website information up to date, monitors the budget of the Hunter program, co-ordinates the advancement of the program, and provides members with superior support by e-mail and telephone in relation to the program and event.

  • At least five years of professional experiance, especially in the field of hunters/jumpers. - Working experiences in the surroundings of the J├Ąger-/Springpferdewettbewerb. AERC is looking for a marketer to enhance the AERC' market value. Individuals are in charge of making perseverance equestrian sports and the AERC more attractive through PR work, the creation of community based content, the creation of a sports promotion scheme for young people, the creation of links with racial/sports federations, the creation of news releases/stories and eventmarketing.

Future persons must have previous commercial expertise and must provide a CV, offer, sample and sample of previous promotional work. Jennifer Waitte and Jenni Smith's strategic plan for the AERC can be found at http://www.aerc.org/AERC_MMSP.pdf. EQ is looking for a distribution expert for printed and on-line advertisement.

Sale of printed and on-line advertisement at Luxusmarken, mode, living and decorating, decoration, decoration, decoration, journeys, material as well as service and product approximately around the equestrian. Skills in a particular equestrian field are an advantage. If you would like to discuss your experiences with these customers and the equestrian life style, please write a covering note with your CV to: with the title "AHP" Equestrian Quarterly is an elegance, glamour, intelligence and entertainment magazine like no other.

The school is devoted to riding and rural living and is not discipline-specific. The EQ offers an insider's eye on the equestrian community and a convincing mixture of fashions, art, styles, designs, events, human beings and equestrianism. The reader meets the most thrilling riders in the land and travels around the globe to experience the equestrian way of being.

During his first year, Equestrian Quarterly was named Overall Best Magazine by AHP. EQ's Executive Committee also includes a broad spectrum of the most prestigious personalities in equestrian sports, among them several Olympic athletes, designers and designers as well as leading figures from the hunter/jumper, training, pole and more.

The EQ staff has time, Robb Report, Coastal Living and Worth and EQ's Photography Director Shootings for GQ, Travel & Leisure, Vogue and Golf. Alfa & Omega Mounted Security Patrol is looking for a person with close ties in the equestrian community to become its national recruitment director. Experiences, training and requirements:

Applicants should submit a CV and covering letters with desired salaries and credentials to fkeller@mountedpatrol.com and a copy to jderouen@mountedpatrol.com. The Equestrian Culture magazine is looking for a self-motivated and enthusiastic person to join our staff and help us develop this wonderful new work! We are an excellent match maker, smart, proffesional and have a great sense of humour.

Being familiar with the equine sector is a plus! Riding culture and how our multimedia relationship can expand your work. - Work from home. - Ability to work well both on your own and in a group. - Priority is given to having worked in the equine and equine sector. The Equestrian Culture company finds the best companies in the fields of arts, styles and boutiques that represent the keen rider.

In " The Horsehide Behind the Brands " our reader will find nice articles about our "Small Business Spotlight", reading heart-warming tales about favourite ponies and equestrian classes and will be inspired by our interview with our photographers and heroes. The Equestrian Culture is available both in hard copy and on line. Equestrian Culture prints are sold nationwide to Barnes & Noble bookshops, on an international basis to season -tickets and at some of North America's most renowned equestrian shows.

Equestrian Culture Staff is impassioned, thoughtful, fun and vigorous. The veterinary technician is in charge of the equine welfare and well-being of the animals during the trip under the control of the farm manager. Are you a keen on riding and/or races? HRTV's Marketing and SPD Manager has two areas of responsibility: SPD and CCC.

In collaboration with the Director of Global Communications, the Social Media and Market Manager takes the leading and key roles in the development and implementation of HRTV's social media strategy, support of HRTV networks' market visibility, generation of TV viewers and incoming trafficking to HRTV. com and development of HRTV channel guides. com Subscriptionsales.

These roles coordinate with the company's in-house sales and digital medias team to help them perform their roles, ensure consistent voices and maintain an ever-growing online community of online people. Specifically, the perfect contender will increase HRTV Facebook fan and Twitter followers, create HRTV YouTube, Instagra and Pinterest websites, and discover new community options and various related blogs as they become live.

Planning and implementation of tactical HRTV and HRTV HRM initiatives. com , coordination with Live Production, Digital Media and PR to secure their efficacy and promote the incorporation of appropriate HRM technologies into the company environment, which includes all HRTV portals and HRTV people. Use internal graphic assets to make sure the best and most appropriate artwork is available for each and every community based environment.

Maintain your daily activity and management of your publicity campaign. The tasks comprise on-line vocacy, editing, selective public relations, support of advertising, tune-in, promotion, etc. Administer your site on Facebook, Twitter and other similar communities, post to the blog and use your site's contents in on demand mobile communities. Attorney-at-law for HRTV in the area of corporate communications, conduct dialogue and answer any queries you may have.

Monitors and reports on efficient performance measurement benchmarking of online marketing programmes and analyses, reviews and reports on campaign efficacy to continuously maximise results. In collaboration with the overall HRTV platform mandate and objectives, as well as targeted, real-time HRTV platform meetings, the SPD will play a key part in the HRTV brand's HRTV strategy and develop an outsourced message tactic aimed at HRTV and com. audience, present and future audiences and HRTV. subscriber.

The perfect candidates will be particularly responsible for the implementation of printed and on-line advertisements, as well as directed mail and on-site HRTVs. Implementation of HRTV and HRTV.com customer communication efforts in coordination with Live Production, Digital Media and PR to achieve the objectives and optimise synergies. Administer the HRTV e-mail promotion agenda, which includes the timetable, themes and involvement of marketers.

Incorporate customer acquisitions and promotion campaigns across all outgoing communication and corporate communication channels. Surveillance and reporting on the latest developments in the areas of on-line advertisement, medias, e-mail and directedarketing. Has to have skills and experiences in the equestrian sport, includes thoroughbred races (history, stats, player, etc.) and other equestrian disciplines in the West and England.

Has to be familiar with the latest developments in equestrian racing and equestrianism. Know, understand and understand best practice in the area of online advertising, which includes e-mail, on-site and other campaigning. You must be able to work flexibly, even on Saturdays and Sundays, and have a Bachelor's degree in either sales or a related area.

Get high-quality snapshots and videos to showcase features and for use in your department, blog, web site, and people. Create and publish for websites and online communities like Facebook and Twitter. Representation of the magazine at events in the sector as commissioned. At least five years of expertise.

Montgomery St. Morris Montgomery Network is an Equality Employers. We are looking for talented, passionate interns to advance our ability to market via Facebook, YouTube, Facebook and more. Applicants should be acquainted with the latest sector developments and the latest press. Candidates can work on their own, communicate well with members of the teams and at the same toe the line, take the lead and meet appointments.

Rossillon comes from Paris, France, where he obtained his title of equestrian master at the National Equestrian School of France. Cyril' s broad horse backgrounds and thirty years of training make him an excellent trainer. Educated among members of the French Olympic squad. LLC I-5 Publishing, the premier editor of enthusiasts' journals, novels and web sites, is looking for a member of its horse and agricultural promotion group.

Do you want to work with an innovating, passionate and future-oriented group? Do you have yes to these and have at least 1-2 years of marketing success and are career-oriented? Then send us your application now!

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