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Pferd News, free articles, horse health information, digital monthly and horse classifieds including horses for sale and horses for loan. Subscription to Equestrian Magazine (UK only) When you or someone you know is into riding, whether it' race, events or horseback riding, a season ticket to a riding publication is made. Have a look at top hints, gear and kite ratings, interesting details and even find a new one! Are you looking for subscriptions to our equestrian services? Race, training, eventing or a comfortable ride on the weekends, here is something for you!

The top publications included in the list included Race Ahead, Horses, Hounds & Hounds, Your Horses and Eventing.

British equestrian magazines - British equestrian magazines - October 2018 Announcements

We do not charge any extra postage during the ordering process, the rates you see are the rates you are paying. One of the great things about a season ticket is that in most cases you get the edition before it is sold in stores! Most likely your subscriptions will begin with the next available edition.

Shipment date is based on the date of your order and the printing date of the next available edition. When you are worried about a shipment, please directly ask the issuer of your subscriber. You can also get in touch with us and we will give you the publishing house information.

In the case of one-week publication, please allow two to four week for the first time. In the case of montly publication, please allow up to four to six week for your first shipment, although some publishing houses may have longer run-up time. In the case of bimonthly publication, we request a period of up to six to eight week for the first shipment.

Please allow up to ten to twelve week for your first shipment for foreign deliveries and magazines.

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Magazines and papers are still stored in the saddle room or on an overcrowded couch in the trunk of some huts. Sign up for your favorite high gloss or collect your advertisers to keep you up to date on the latest results of the show, riding reports, products and merchandise.

UK Riderewly called Chiltern Thames Springer the equestrian journal in the hearts of our home countries. Featuring riders and celebrities, headlines, results, top hints, a month-long contest & more, it's really the journal for equestrian fans. It presents new items and fashions to keep you on the cutting edge for the coming year.

With our app you can download GB Rider to your mobile device, tray or computer. Watson's Directories was founded with the goal of providing the horse industry with market and shopping sophistication.

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