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On-line Master in Riding Training | Missouri

It will help you to acquire the pedagogical abilities you need to make the switch from equestrian sports profession to horse training. As you graduate, you will enhance your teaching methods and develop an efficient syllabus by using teaching methods and policies. This course also offers you training in equestrian sports tailored to your needs.

The programme, which covers a broad spectrum of subjects, provides an atmosphere for innovation in teaching and efficient results for practical use. Get the highest standard of online teaching through the latest training technologies and work with your colleagues in an immersive and immersive classroom world. Riding training is becoming more dynamic in the sector, as the employer is looking for riders who are recognised in academia for their training, but also in the areas of advisory services, breeding and disciplinary organisations, organisational management and other areas.

Riding training specialists are also needed to fill vacancies as young people and outdoor staff to enhance the qualitiy and efficiency of early exposition programmes to the fields. Completed studies prepare you for a job as a university lecturer in this area. It is an introductory course that creates the prerequisites for the Master's programme in Teaching and Technology.

Students will examine the skills needed for today's students, applying technological inclusion frameworks, assessing the possible use of portable enabling tools in educational settings, designing and implementing personal/professional educational networking, new enabling tools, personal/professional educational networking, developing an appreciation of online citizenry, being integrated into new enabling tools, and developing a vision for the way forward for education and training in the online world.

A survey of equestrian education that examines different kinds of programmes online compared to conventional schoolrooms, today's students, government demands and the market ability of graduates. The course gives an introduction to the educational methodologies and strategy for riding instructors. Subjects are, among others, the evolution of a learning methodology, assembled and unassembled class structures and contents as well as group and individual class.

The course concentrates on the research of horse-specific abilities and abilities, which a horse candidate needs and how this particular know-how should be divided into programme goals and course work. In this course, different ways of promoting equestrian sport programmes and/or generating income are examined. Students in this course will discover the many aspects of equestrian academia and services.

By means of reflective documents, case histories, case histories, activity schedules and contributions to forums, the student learns what has to be considered in the implementation of these programmes. They will also examine what kind of lecturers and collaborators are needed to ensure the programme runs well and to ensure that the institution's mandate is fulfilled. The course concentrates on the creation of additional and complementary academical resource.

In addition to conventional materials such as textbooks, libraries and graphic materials, the course also covers the use of imaginative learning materials such as videos, power points and websites. The aim of this course is to give teachers a wide comprehension and a better outlook on topical riding training topics.

This course focuses on a living discussion and reflections on the many topics with which riding training is currently confronted. This is the highlight for the Master's degree course in riding pedagogy. This keystone offers the student the possibility to implement and to incorporate into his or her studies.

In this course, learners design the syllabus for a semester-long course with goals, class format and everyday curricula. Formal certificates (2. 5 GPA or higher) for the Bachelor of Arts qualification. For example, this can cover certification, membership in a profession, your performance as a college or college graduate, or your performance in the profession.

Philosophy of instruction - a self-reflective message about your belief in doctrine and study. Instructional videos - a 20-30-minute long clip that has been posted on YouTube or another readily accessible online website, in which the candidate teaches either an equestrian session or a class. Our online alumni come from California, Illinois, Kansas, Washington, Arkansas and many other countries from our headquarters campuses in Fulton, Missouri and beyond.

We offer our online alumni training programmes and are rated by US News and World Report as one of the best online programmes in Missouri. It is truly one of the best riding programmes in the country in respect of resource, expertise, industry focus and academical excellence. Find out more about the admission prerequisites, time limits, tuition fees and funding available to you.

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