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The Young Rider is a riding magazine for young riders that teaches them how to ride and care for their horses properly. You are invited to enjoy the world's largest library of equestrian articles and interviews. Twenty horse journals that reward authors Fitting into the former categories, you have a good chances of being featured in some of the following journals. Please note: Other journals that are paying authors can be found in our mailing lists. Horses are the main focus of our journal, which is devoted to horses in general and horses in particular.

You are inviting authors to submit a summary of their ideas or articles in 250 words. Do not submit complete scripts. Your website provides details of the issues you expect to be publishing. Payments will be reviewed during the magazines pitch. The Hoof BeatS Magazin deals with most issues related to races and different races.

Authors are asked questions about their idea - asking questions, as well as posting examples. Payments are usually $100 for departmental items and usually $500 for feature items. Payments are made upon publishing. The Horse & Rider magazines focus on horseback rides. It encourages future authors to study earlier editions of the journal to better understanding their styles of typing and their voices.

Accepting both scripts and questionaires, this book pays up to $400, subject to various conditions. Payments are made after acceptance of the item. Dressur Today is a book about equestrian education and breeding. You are welcome questions or suggestions from authors who have become familiar with the magazine's voices.

It is anticipated that the author will discuss the fee with the journalist when he opens the mag. The Equus Magazin deals with issues related to equine heath. Future authors have a good chances of being featured with them if they are writing well-researched papers on equine wellbeing, behaviour, workout technique, vet-breaks and workout psychology. The Equus Magazin prefer to receive complete scripts.

Payments are made on request of the journal. The Horse Illustrated is released for "hands-on horses owner and rider of British and West discipline". "It is expected that the length of contributions will not exceed 2,000 words. You are expecting complete scripts and discouraged requests. We will discuss the price after the acceptance of your item.

Horsecrafts Canada is a book of general interest to horses of all races and disciplines. You work on a request base and use an editing calender. Items should be between 750 and 1,500 words long. When you throw the journal, you should be expecting to talk about the pay. Chronicle of the equine is a long-term work.

It encourages future freelance translators to send in papers with a maximum length of 2,500 words. Chronicle of the horse will pay between $165 and $250 for long items, and this is done on pub. It advertises adventure on the trailer and provides information that is useful for the rider. You are expecting the article to be filed four month before its appearance.

Freelance translators are welcome to submit either a request or the complete work. Payments should be negotiated by means of collective bargaining. Painthorse Journal needs information about color horse owner, breeder and trainer. You are expecting authors to submit a request before they write their articles. Payments as soon as the item is approved.

It is a month-to-month horse healthcare journal. Authors are expected to submit their CV, e-mail addresses and patterns before submitting enquiry or full citations. Items between 250 and 1,800 words long are expected. Payments are made upon receipt and receipt of the item.

The United States Dressur Federation Connection releases free-lance writing material, healthcare products, personal profile, how-to trainings and first-person reports on living in the equestrian community. In contrast to complete scripts, this book favours requests and suggestions. The USDF will pay between $40 and $400 for items, and will pay upon accept.

Young-riders focuses on equestrian race, kennel and children's practice equipment. The authors ask the authors to study earlier editions of the journal to better understanding their voices, styles and histories. Young-riders works only on request and will pay between $150 and $200 for storytelling. EQUESSTRIAN LIFE trains, maintains and allows amateur and professional people to keep up to date with the latest trends in this area.

You welcome both handwritten and requested material from independent authors and await contributions of between 1,200 and 1,800 words in length. Payments are made upon publishing. The South East Quine show will cover an ecological mixture of themes around the equine sector - "from backyard riders to business throughout the state".

" You welcome both full scripts and requests from independent authors and anticipate that each essay will be followed by pictures or illustration. The price will be agreed upon when the site is created. The Equestrian Quarterly offers an insider's eye on the equestrian community and a convincing mixture of fashions, styles, decorations, special occasions, travelling, literature, art and equestrianism.

Your maximum call for papers is 3,000 words. We kindly ask you to just submit inquiry mail. The Equestrian Quarterly will pay on receipt. Practice Horseman is a textbook for British amateurs. The authors work on a consultative base and are expected to include CVs and released videos with their inquiry letter.

Payments will be reviewed during the magazines pitch. Inquiries and complete scripts are welcome and authors are invited to submit specimens of their work. Payments are made after the magazines pitch. You work only on a request by request and like future freelance professionals to add written examples to your mail. It is expected that the article will be no longer than 4,000 words.

If your work is approved, please check the pay. The Equestrian Newsletter is a quarterly publication about the latest Australian and international affairs. You are expecting features to be between 1,200 and 1,800 words long, but you' dub it first. Payments are reviewed when the bid is made to the mag.

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