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These are some of our best-selling and most popular riding apparel. See more ideas about riding, riding and riding. Riding clothes recommended for dressage, hunting and jumping enthusiasts. Our Reign Tall riding boots, for example, are sold in a variety of colours so you can add a vibrant accent colour such as hot pink or violet to your riding equipment. The Horseback Riding Breeches For Men & Boys Shop offers a wide range of products to make your ride even more comfortable!


These are some clothes I suggest. I chose these articles because they are of a high standard and I can certainly suggest them. Jodhpurs I suggest Dover Saddlery's range of jodhpurs. Me, my wife, my daughter, my student and I have bought our clothes in Dover for years and have never had a poor one.

These jodhpurs are made for training with their easy pull-on look and a cotton/Spandex combination that is smooth enough to run all days. Science-wise, to securely clean your leathers shaps, trousers and mittens. These sweater moon turtles neckline, long-sleeved jersey is light, elastic and very comfy.

Thin seams minimise chafing during driving and working, while Opti-Dry fabric removes perspiration and gives a pleasant feeling. Like the turtleneck at the top, but with a round neckline. These are great training shoes. When wearing training shoes, please note that they are VERY STY STYLE in the ankles.

Your shoes are comfortably long lasting. Developed for the seated trotting man. It is a high-quality underwire. It' convenient to carry all the time. Also conceived for the seated trotting. A good qualitiy prebound necktie. Available in several colours, they are ideal for training or hunters/jumpers.

High-grade training mantle.

Equestrian clothing stores in BA - Buenos Aires Forum

There are few businesses, Galerias Pacifico in the city and its Flagshipstore in Posadas in the Recoleta area. One of the best places to buy riding clothes: The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

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