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Reitsport : Tack : Saddles & Accessories : Riding saddles now available in the Hermès Online Shop. Inspect our riding saddles, which are manufactured with the greatest care using high-quality materials. Here you will find saddles for dressage, jumping, eventing and much more!

British Saddles - All Purpose Saddles

British calipers are an all-encompassing concept that covers calipers for all British equestrian sports. British calipers are specifically developed to allow the saddle to remain in the optimum saddle posture with the saddle. Finding the right saddle for both riders and horses is very important.

The rider must select which saddle is right for him on the basis of the position and position of the saddle, the saddle form and the saddle weight. Choosing an English saddle will depend on a number of things - the height of your saddle, the type of riding you do, whether you want to do with leathers or synthetics, and your overall brand.

The best labels are Henri de Rivel, Pessoa, Collegiate, Kincade, Bates, Treeless, Tekna S Line, HDR, Equi Royal and Ovation. Dressursadtel have an erect, lower fit and longer keys than other British saddle. Also have longer bolt bands and are approx. 1/2" to 1" bigger than tightly contacting nut.

Tight-fitting calipers keep a horseman as near as possible to the movements of a horseman and are specially conceived for a show jockey. Stapes and saddle skirts are forward and short on these seats, and most have a minimum kneel. This saddle is suitable for all kinds of British equestrian activities, incl. track rides, fencing jumps or flat work.

This saddle has a lower saddle and a larger kneel that provides more strength. Durability calipers have enough cushioning for your ride, but are light enough to reduce the stresses of 50 to 100 leagues of a ride on a saddle in a single workday. The ponies saddle fits into the compact size of a baby and can also be placed in the small size of a child's arm.

Manufactured from cowhide or plastic, they provide an affordable introduction to equestrian sports. British calipers are available in widths from small to super large, and we even have XXX width calipers. Extreme heat or coldness can cause damages to both plastics and skins, so it is necessary to keep the saddle at an appropriate humidity setting.

You can clean your leathers with glycerine angel or soapy water or saddle soaps and treat them with 100% clean neatfoot oils. Specially designed saddle cleaner can be used with artificial material and leatherette.

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