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All-purpose Equiroyal Pro Am saddle package. Clothes your horse for success. Adaptable saddles, professional design for more freedom, flexibility and fluid movement for your horse. A wide range of new and used saddles is available.

Varilock? Tree saddles with adjustment

The entire kit was developed by Major Beale with the support of his wives Jan Jeremy and Jan Beale and also owns the Pen-y-Bryn Equestrian Center in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. Beale became famous when he first replaced Great Britain at the 1959 3-day Euro Championships in Harewood, England.

In the same year he was invited to compete on the UK show jumping team in Belgium and Holland, but was not able to compete due to his involvement in the 3-day team. Previously, he was a substitute in the 1960 and 1964 Olympic Games in Rome and Tokyo, after losing his first pommelhorse through injury in the last few months before the Games.

In 1962 he was 5. at the World Championships in Burghley, 5. also at the European Championships 1963, 5. again at the Badminton 3 Day Events 1967 and won the prestige ous Burghley 3 Day Events 1965. In 1967, after he left the army with the status of Major, Jeremy came to the United States to take command of Potomac West, later known as the Pacific Horse Center.

After three years at Fox Hollow Farm, he founded the Pen-y-Bryn Equestrian Center in Chester Springs in 1971. Jeremy Beale has seen the whole range of gear during his journeys. He also saw so many horsemen fighting with the equilibrium of their saddles that it was almost not possible for them to either fit properly or in comfort.

A number of horsemen made use of the misdirected use of hand cloths or withers as shock padding or withers padding and thus often contributed to the unease of their horsetrap! Eventually Jeremy was asked to develop a nut to solve these problems.

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