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Our company specializes in unique, individual and traditional riding articles for horse and rider. IT'S FOR SALE! Rider Shirt, Dressage Shirt, Hunting Jumper Shirt, Rock The Ring Barn Shirt, Horse T-Shirt. Questions & Answers Horse Tack Consignment Sale. Synthetic aids that extend, reinforce or replace natural aids, including objects such as bits, whips, spurs and martingales.

There is a $10.00 per sender charge, regardless of the number of items you have.

There is a $10.00 per sender charge, regardless of the number of items you have. The $10. 00 charge will apply whether you are bringing 2 items or 100 items. If your items are sold, you will receive 70% of the sales value (60% for items marked without a barcode).

While we wanted to keep hand-written tag as an optional feature for those who preferred this approach, we need the vast majority of bar-coded tag types to keep sales going properly, especially as they grow. Our aim is to create a protected and convenient place for your purchases. F: Are there any items that you do not like?

Part A: Items to be shipped must be horse or animal related. I don't want to take living creatures. The articles must be in a secure operating state and sufficiently cleaned for a used part. F: I can't get it to wean. May I ask a boyfriend to deliver my items? When registering, please make a note or send us an e-mail as to who will deliver the items for you.

Ensure you have all your records, with a copy of your stock and sender information forms (available at the bottom of the bar code tags page). F: Can I have a boyfriend collect my items? Please make sure that you specify who will collect your items or send us an e-mail when you register.

F: What happens to my items if I choose not to participate in the collection? The items are sold on and the money is given to various charitable equestrian programmes. If you cannot make it in person on the pick-up date, please make an appointment with another shipper, boyfriend or member of your household. Helpers can buy WorkExchange first, in return for 8 hour help.

Visit the Work Exchange page for more information so you can make early purchases and get the best offers. F: What method of paying do you use? In A: We accepts Money, NC Cheque with Authorization & 2 Badges, MasterCard, Visa, & Discover. F: May I take my puppy with me for groceries?

Sole responsibility for any damage and/or injury to workers, patrons, other pets or the goods at the time of sale lies with the owners of the dogs. F: Can I give back an article I bought from the sale? Because of the type of transaction involved, the articles are resold "as is". All cheques are sent out 4-6 week after the sale is completed.

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