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Ladies Ariat Maxtrax UL Riding Lace-up shoes. Womens boots from top brands like Ariat, Mountain Horse or Dublin. E. Vogel Bespoke for Custom Boots & Shoes, we offer custom shoes that are characterized by quality and comfort.

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Classical cream coloured buckskin with matching stretch suspenders that embrace the legs! Sizes 40. Ideal for leisure time, holiday or commercial leisure! High class, comfortably priced sneakers! Sheda Victoria Clog Sandals, Class 38. Attachable with rubber band on the back. Sole of the foot shows minimal traces of use. Sizes 7 sts Never used!

That'?s a great colour! You have a cushioning in the sole. Elasticated snare back in the best form as they were only tried on. Stouart Weitzman AccessChorus Bamboo Vecchio Nappa Sandal Size 5.5M B2596 LB 8/29/17 They are used and in good state. The sole shows little attrition. The inlays have a low abrasion and scuff.

Footwear shows little abrasion with abrasion on belts, sides and ankles. Failure of the lefthand side of the lefthand boot. Lefthand boot offset is deeper than right. LORIANNA LORIANA lorianna loriana leathers pink plastic wraps flat shoes sizes US 5.5 ladies fit to measure colour caramel style# 1015388 NEW FOR 2016!

Real cowhide uppers Padded cowhide Elasticized lacing Back zip Foam and suede insoles Foam and suede outsoles ***Box uploadc highlighted off white to avoid return******** Please answer all questions. Slightly scratched back of the two heel.

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Normal basic fitting, commonly known as mid or B-width for women's shoes. Shaped with even space over the insole, rootballs, and instep. Can be used as a pad. Width Shoes Designer with additional space above the insole, balls of the feet and instep. Width Width Shoes. It is a D-fit with about 0.5รข more in the ankle in comparison to Normal Fit.

This is a regularly fitted around the ankle with a broader leg area. Read Details & fit information to get an accurate size of calves for each shoe. This is a Width Width Fitting around the ankle, with a larger leg perimeter than a Normal Width Cefit.

Read Details & Fit Information to get an exactly fitting width for each type of shoes. Please download our measuring instructions to get your most precise shoesize! and Emily's aim is to create an equestrian atmosphere. I' d get one size bigger. These are my boots. I' m a real big 10 and this is a little cozy.

I' d still order the boot in your real height, but if you're planning on using thick stockings, you might be able to go a halfway up. They made me give my shoes back. These were not to scale and fitted half a scale too small.

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